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The future of commercial cleaning is responsive

Commercial cleaning contractor, Incentive QAS has historically credited innovation for a positive change in its business and as it prepares to emerge from the lockdown it has added a new system to strengthen its operations.

Incentive QAS has recently invested in the mpro5 platform, a smart system that, among other functions, can communicate with cleaning staff as and when washrooms require cleaning. Major clients have already started utilising the new software and the system will be rolled out across the whole business in the early months of 2021.

Incentive QAS is currently working with supplier of mpro5, Crimson Tide, to introduce a cloud-based contract management system across the business that will provide a range of:

  • Time & attendance monitoring, clocking in and out activity
  • Proof of presence through NFC technology
  • Bespoke Service Auditing and KPI scoring
  • Custom reporting through live, interactive dashboards
  • Communicating essential documents to all staff whilst reducing paper copies

In addition to this, mpro5 has the capability to link workflow with the Internet of Things (IoT), which will enable the system to take readings from strategically located sensors to unlock productivity gains and potential cost savings. IoT minimises the need for manual checks where sensors can provide constant monitoring instead enabling more cost-effective work schedules. As well as time-saving benefits, the software also reduces the usage of unnecessary cleans, which is better for the environment.

Jamie Wright, Incentive QAS Managing Director said: “Mpro5 is a great system for us, our clients and the end users that will improve productivity and customer satisfaction. After a set number of washrooms visits we establish how many times a washroom should be used before we need to complete a housekeeping check.  Our cleaning and housekeeping teams will receive alerts via their smartphone to inform them when each washroom is required to be serviced. Our teams can therefore utilise their time more productively rather than attend every hour/few hours, as per a rigid input specification.”

By installing the smart systems, Incentive QAS can gather ‘Big Data’ in relation to how the buildings it operates in are being used, how busy they are and when they are utilised the most. This data allows for improved resource management and valuable analysis for its teams and clients.

Incentive QAS leaders have signalled that by moving away from static task schedules and towards making business operations fully reactive, clients are beginning to see the benefits of the mpro5 module that sends out jobs and workflow via the mpro5 app, as a result of sensor readings.

Wright added: “We are always looking for innovative solutions for our clients enabling us to continuously improve our service delivery. With this in mind we aim to plan attendance to the washrooms and other heavily used areas based on footfall. We expect footfall to be varied per location and this in turn will enable us to plan which washrooms require a higher frequency of attendance throughout the day.”

With annual sales in excess of £20 million and employing in over 850 staff around the country, Incentive QAS is a recognised leader in the commercial cleaning market. 

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