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Tork introduces hygiene training for care homes

Tork manufacturer Essity has launched two free online training solutions for care home staff.

Tork Cleaning Training for Long Term Care Homes aims to provide staff with the tools and knowledge they need to carry out cleaning tasks according to the best recommendations. And Tork Clean Hands Training for Long Term Care Homes equips them with the day-to-day skills they require to secure hand hygiene at every moment.

Essity’s Thomas Bergin, Marketing Director Healthcare, Professional Hygiene said: “Our latest research reveals that 58 per cent of cleaning staff in care homes say they find it challenging to follow all the required steps and tasks in cleaning guidelines. And 68 per cent of employees claim they would like to receive better and more interactive training in hand hygiene.

“Our state-of-the art educational programmes are designed to meet these expectations and offer an interactive learning experience to achieve improved outcomes and a positive behavioural change.”

Tork Cleaning Training for Long Term Care Homes provides care home staff with “real world” cleaning scenarios in a safe virtual world. The training has been developed in collaboration with the Association for Healthcare Environment and can be customised to fit with local cleaning guidelines.

Tork Clean Hands Training for Long Term Care Homes has been developed with leading hygiene experts using the WHO My Four Moments for Hand Hygiene in a residential home environment. The interactive simulation has been designed to make hand hygiene learning more inspiring is available online and in a virtual reality format.

Bergin added: “Increased pressures on staff after the Covid-19 pandemic has left many long-term care facilities feeling challenged. And today’s high staff turnover can have an impact on the quality and consistency of care.

“As a result, care facilities are seeking cost-effective hygiene solutions that reduce the risk of infection and virus transmission while maintaining an ‘at-home’ feel and resident independence. Tork hygiene solutions can easily be integrated into a nursing home or assisted living facility and can quickly improve hygiene management efficiency. And this means staff can spend more time providing better care and create a safer, happier home for residents.”

Hygiene solutions are a critical part of daily care in a long-term facility and enhance the residents’ independence and sense of dignity. A total of 81 per cent of residents’ families in a recent poll agreed that independent toilet visits can help to preserve residents’ dignity.

Tork offers a range of solutions designed to support residents who may have limited strength and who lack the dexterity to operate standard washroom dispensers or tear off a length of tissue from a conventional roll.

For example, the Tork Skincare Dispenser requires a particularly low push force and has been certified as “Easy to Use” by the Swedish Rheumatism Association. And the Tork Folded Toilet Paper Dispenser allows the resident to access toilet tissue with one hand and with no tearing required, since the paper is given out in individual sheets.


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