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Training and education is key to growth in commercial cleaning

Procedures within the commercial cleaning sector are constantly evolving. From equipment to protocol, cleaning teams are constantly challenged to stay up to date with best practice, innovation and time-management. With the added complications of a pandemic, leading commercial cleaning specialist Incentive QAS has emphasised the importance of developing staff teams to stay ahead in the competitive sector.

Oliver Game, Incentive QAS Learning and Development Manager, said: “Innovation has proven instrumental to how we train and develop our teams. Using e-learning software like UhUb has allowed us to take the annoyance out of personal development in a professional capacity. The platform uses video, written materials, and quizzes for cleaning staff, to help them demonstrate competence in different cleaning aspects. It’s interactive, and the uptake from QAS staff was significant. We are currently creating our own video content for the UhUb platform to further-tailor the resources for our teams. Innovation and technology is playing a huge part in the development of Incentive QAS staff.”

The UhUb software specialises in training and engagement for the cleaning sector and is just one platform of development available to Incentive QAS staff. As well as interactive e-learning software, Incentive QAS also offers a supervisor pathway for their employees to get to grips with the more practical side of a supervisory role. This training covers maintaining a stock room, staff logistics and rotas. The second phase to the program is an in-house course of six modules: leadership, coaching, train the trainer and effective feedback, an introduction to HR, innovation and motivation. The third phase is an apprenticeship in the role.

Additionally, Incentive QAS provide a leadership development programme for mangers and leaders through a staff residential course of four modules alongside – Positive Change Partners. Due to the pandemic the course couldn’t take place in 2020, but the company has adhered to a Covid-19 secure set up for this summer, requiring each person on the four training modules to have a negative Covid-19 result before admission.

Game added: “We believe that committing to the development of staff across the company at every level of responsibility is crucial. It’s also commercially beneficial. We want our clients to love us and our staff to love working here. If staff see and feel like they’re being developed, they will undoubtedly take more satisfaction out of working here. The pandemic has emphasised how important cleaning and facility staff are for our clients and businesses across the globe. Investment in their development is not just well-earned but critical.”

Incentive QAS is the contract cleaning arm of the Incentive FM Group, with annual sales in excess of £18.5 million and employing more than 800 staff around the country, delivering a wide range of cleaning and support services to both the private and public sectors.

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