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West Ham United sets the standard for virus sanitisation with ICE Cleaning

West Ham United’s success on the pitch, with the club enjoying one of its best ever seasons, is being bolstered by its premier approach to combatting and preventing the spread of Coronavirus, after joining forces with ICE Cleaning.

The Premier League club has been working in partnership with the commercial cleaning and decontamination specialist since January to raise the bar when it comes to mitigating the spread of viruses, including Covid-19.

As part of this, ICE Cleaning has been appointed as West Ham’s official cleaning contractor, with the responsibility of consistently providing the safest and most hygienic environment for its players, employees and supporters.

Zac Hemming, Founding Director of ICE Cleaning, said: “Like any commercial business that has been able to open its doors throughout this pandemic, football clubs have had, and continue to have, a huge responsibility to ensure they are implementing the strictest health and safety measures to protect the wellbeing of all individuals.

“Maintaining a safe environment is therefore absolutely paramount. For West Ham United, we’ve taken this to the highest level, with our daily commercial cleans supplemented every 14 days by a comprehensive decontamination service that uses innovative cleaning technology for maximum protection.”

Ben Illingworth, Covid-19 Officer at West Ham United, said: “In the wake of the pandemic, we wanted a robust solution with the wellbeing of our players and staff of paramount importance, so we were delighted to discover that ICE Cleaning offered an all-in-one cleaning service that utilised industry-leading technology. From the start, ICE Cleaning have gone above and beyond to protect our teams and their families, all whilst causing no disruption to our weekly schedule. We are doing everything we possibly can to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with ICE Cleaning supporting this goal in every way possible.”

ICE Cleaning is a young and dynamic business that has developed a reputation in the commercial cleaning market for providing best-in-class service. The company’s decontamination solution, ICE SHIELD, uses electrostatic technology to effectively destroy 99.9% of traces of coronavirus and other bacteria and viruses on surfaces within a working environment. This persistent solution, which can last for up to 28 days, guarantees long-lasting protection as part of a monthly cleaning regime, at no extra cost.

“The fact that West Ham United is implementing a complete decontamination deep clean every 14 days shows just how seriously the Club is taking its commitment to combatting coronavirus and preventing any other harmful bacteria from spreading within the training and wider facilities,” continued Hemming.

“This is giving the Club peace of mind that their changing rooms, restrooms, training facilities and meeting rooms are protected for 14 days. What’s more, as our solutions are non-toxic and non-abrasive, they do not cause any damage to physical surfaces or human health, which enables players to continue practising just 15 minutes after the cleaning services have taken place.”

ICE Cleaning provides a wealth of commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning services, including virus containment, mould remediation, coronavirus decontamination and sanitisation, graffiti removal, warehouse and factory cleaning, crime scene cleaning and car park cleaning.

Jack Sullivan, Managing Director of West Ham United Women, concluded: “We’ve developed a strong relationship with ICE Cleaning. Its dedication and consistent efforts have made it clear that we’re in very good hands, and I couldn’t feel happier with the level of service provided. I’m looking forward to another great season with ICE Cleaning as our official cleaning contractor and sponsor.”


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