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Why is cleaner training so important?

When it comes to running a successful business, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that your staff know what they are doing and have the right skills and expertise to do their work efficiently and effectively.

This is particularly true when you are running a cleaning business. But why? Why is it so important to make sure that you provide consistent staff training for your cleaning operatives?

Your clients expect a high standard every time

When you provide a cleaning service one thing that you are going to be judged on is the result that you give your clients. In the most part you are going to want to send the same staff members as often as you can. That way you can be sure that your clients will get the same results. When this isn’t possible, having staff that are trained to the same level and work consistently will make sure that your clients are always happy with their results.

You can ensure that your staff are all working at the same level

Cleaning companies, particularly those that work with commercial clients, can grow quite large. An operations director is going to need to look after anything up to and even beyond 1,000 staff, which means that if they are all at a different levels then things are going to be even harder to ensure consistent client satisfaction. It might not always be possible to ensure that every staff member is operating to the same standard, but by offering the same training there is a very good chance that you can find it easier to manage them en masse.

Providing training will help to attract the best staff

The cleaning industry is competitive, not only in attracting clients, but also attracting the right talent too. This means that you need to be able to appeal to possible new staff members and make sure that they see you as a place that they want to work. By being clear about the training that you offer and showing that it is consistent across the board, this is going to put you in a good light with those who are searching for a job in cleaning.

Use technology to your advantage

Technology is a great thing, especially if you are located far away from someone who you want to be able to communicate with and catch up with on a regular basis. Not only can this be in a social setting, but also in the working world too. Technology is great for those who work remotely. Some of the different technologies that you can use is mobile clocking in and out, or instant feedback apps from clients so that you can see how your workers are performing.

Probably one of the best technology advances in the cleaning industry is the introduction of online training for cleaning operatives – concise, bite-sized training with automated training records & reporting saves not only hours of travelling time for your operations and area managers, but also saves all the admin time spent trying to collate training records!

This is where MyTraining steps in. Using a fully accredited proven method, and recognised industry leading practises, MyTraining is an easy way to achieve consistently better standards in your operations.

The MyTraining online training portal has been developed to help commercial and contract cleaning companies deliver seamless training to every cleaning operative, With automated training reporting & management tools, you can massively reduce on the number of site visits needed!

Weekly bite-size training makes it easy for your staff to complete their refresher training on time, with no disruption to their cleaning schedules. Each module is up to 3 minutes long, meaning training can be completed when it’s most convenient – on the commute to work, whilst making a cup of tea or in the cleaning cupboard!

We all know the net result of better performance = happier clients!

The MyTraining rewards scheme increases staff engagement and encourages operatives to take charge of their own professional development, giving them a reason to want to complete their training on time.

Once operatives have received their initial training, it’s tempting to think that the box has been ticked. But to make sure that your staff are delivering a consistently excellent cleaning service to your clients you need to constantly reinforce your training and ensure that all of your staff stay up to date with your systems and processes. By continuing to invest in the training of your staff, you’re also helping to keep motivation high and letting them know they are valued.

When you’re managing remote teams, communication is key, and providing training is a huge part of that. Get it right, and your teams will be happy, productive and profitable.

The advantage of being able to train all staff consistently and regularly will improve cleaning standards, make the staff feel valued, and help their area manager to track progress simply. The result of this is happier clients and ultimately retention of your contracts. A win-win for you, the operatives and the client.

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