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Left, Phoebe Stevenson. Top, Molly Black. Bottom Right, Chloe Dunn

Winners of the CHSA’s 2021 Undergraduate Bursary announced

After completing almost their entire A’ Level courses under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, three talented young people are celebrating. Chloe Dunn, Phoebe Stevenson and Molly Black have been selected as the recipients of the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association’s (CHSA) 2021 Undergraduate Bursaries.

The CHSA rejuvenated its Undergraduate Bursary Scheme in 2016. Since then, 11 young people have benefited from the Bursary while at university. It i25s worth £4,500 to each successful applicant, £1,500 being paid at the start of each academic year or the first three years if the degree is longer.

Applicants were assessed by a Judging Panel, led by CHSA Vice President and Treasurer David Garcia, according to need, worthiness, endeavour, and overall performance.

David Garcia, the driving force behind the CHSA Bursary, said: “Young people have had a tough time during the pandemic. We are delighted to offer something positive, awarding Bursaries to Chloe, Phoebe and Molly. In some small part we are helping to set these three young people on their way to meaningful careers.
“All the applicants exhibited hard work and a determination to achieve. We were also impressed by their contribution to their wider communities. With 11 applicants for three bursaries, it was inevitable some would be disappointed.  The margins were very small so the making the final decision was incredibly challenging. Those who were not selected should feel proud of all they have achieved to date and the way in which they presented themselves to the panel.
“We wish the final three, and all the applicants, every success at university and in their future careers.”

Chloe Dunn, whose father works at Cleenol Group, is heading to university to study midwifery. She currently works part time in domiciliary care, with people of different ages and abilities.  She has a track record of raising money for charity, which has included taking part in the Catherine House Hospice Walk. She has volunteered at a local primary school, helped to lead and train young netball players at her secondary school and organised play-led learning activities for five- and six-year olds on camp.

Phoebe Stevenson’s parents work for The Merton Group. Having been a young leader at Guides for many years, Phoebe is going to university to study to become a primary school teacher. Part of her college charity group, Phoebe has raised money for charities including Cancer Research and Save the Children. She is fiercely independent and intends to continue working throughout her degree.

Molly Black is a determined and independent young woman who is going to Sheffield Hallam University to study Business and Management. Molly has worked part time in the hospitality industry for two years, achieving Best New Starter in her first six months. Molly intends to use the Bursary to support her financial independence. She has many inspiring female role models, including her mother, who works for SC Johnson Professional.

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