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Wolf Laundry launches exclusive end-to-end smart laundry solution in the UK

On 27 June, Barnsley-based Wolf Laundry is bringing serviceMaster, an end-to-end smart laundry solution, to the UK, in partnership with leading Swiss washing technology group Schulthess.

Wolf has more than 30 years’ experience within the laundry sector and provides bespoke commercial laundry equipment across the UK to heavy users including care homes, universities, and holiday parks.

In 2022, Wolf was announced as the exclusive UK supplier for Schulthess washing machines and now its partnership is taking flight as the Swiss company backs Wolf to roll out its new service.

The serviceMaster removes guesswork and provides easy control and optimisation. With innovative digital dashboards and analysis tools, users are empowered to boost efficiency, enhance machine availability, and achieve unparalleled results.

Providing remote monitoring and control for providers, app-based user control, real-time notifications, and alerts, serviceMaster brings commercial laundry into the present.

It also features data insights and analytics, smart diagnosis and troubleshooting with automatic service triggers, and customisation.

Uniquely serviceMaster not only works for brand new installations of washing machines and dryers, but it can also be retrofitted into older machines, as well as those from other brands, to help providers make the best use of current machinery.

Josh Brown, Director at Wolf Laundry, said: “The last year of partnership with Schulthess has grown organically, and as part of our commitment to our customers to provide the highest standard of laundry equipment, I am pleased that our unique partnership continues as we bring the highly innovative serviceMaster to the UK market.

“Schulthess is a pioneer in laundry technology and the brand new serviceMaster ensures time efficiency, profitability, flexibility, and sustainability are at the forefront of all laundry solutions. This means that with simple consumption statistics, providers and users alike can ensure a superior wash every time, via cutting-edge remote technology.

“The service has many features that meet industry specific needs from our clients, from care homes and social housing to universities and laundrettes, serviceMaster boosts them all.”

Samuel Wildhaber, Head of Sales at Professional Schulthess, said: “Through cutting-edge technology and tailored features, the serviceMaster from Schulthess is revolutionising the customer experience.

“We have redefined laundry technology standards, ensuring care homes, social housing, universities, laundrettes, and more can enhance their operations like never before. With increased efficiency and environmental friendliness, our customers value these advancements greatly.

“I am thrilled to announce that we are now bringing the serviceMaster to the UK market, expanding its reach and making a difference.”

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