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Keep pest control and cleaning contracts separate – but staff must work together


People are often amazed at the variety of ways pests can end up inside premises. A mouse can get in through a gap the width of a pencil, cockroaches can be brought in on cardboard packaging, fleas may be picked ...

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Companies need to “wake up” to the consequences of slips, trips and falls


Christian Harris, commercial director at Bonasystems, the UK market leader in slip risk management and specialist floorcare products At the beginning of November, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) issued its annual statistics on accidents and illnesses in the workplace ...

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Five ways to build a successful sales culture


By Paul Black, CEO, sales-i Even the most successful sales pitch gets worn out with repeat use. A lack of innovation and motivation prevents good salespeople from becoming great. Instead, they rely on routine orders from existing customers and stop ...

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The charge of the +Battery-Brigade


Powerful forces are driving the development and demand for cordless cleaning equipment. But mains-powered equipment isn’t nearing the end of the line just yet, says Stephen Pinhorne, UK sales manager of Truvox International One day, and it could be sooner ...

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How clean is your air?


Last year saw air quality hitting the headlines with ambient air pollution labelled by the World Health Organisation as the “greatest environmental risk to health”, causing over three million premature deaths worldwide on top of a range of other health ...

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Pest control


As the nights grow longer and we approach the colder months, the likelihood of a pest infestation will soar. Rats and mice are a cause for concern all year round, but as they will be looking for warmer and drier ...

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How do you clean a … plane?


It’s more than forgivable to go about your daily life with no consideration for how things that pass you by are cleaned or maintained. But what if cleaning unusual – and everyday objects – was a cool, more epic job ...

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Hands-on hygiene


Good hand hygiene plays a crucial role in helping to reduce the spread of infections. Mike Sullivan, managing director of GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd explores the options at your fingertips Research shows that one out of four people who use the ...

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Rising to the escalator challenge


As escalators and travelators require special measures, they’re often cleaned less often than surrounding floors. But thanks to a new low-cost manual cleaning system, facility managers no longer face the dilemma of watching cleaning costs go up or cleaning standards ...

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Farewell to scaffold


Mark Styles, managing director at Thomann-Hanry explains how its unique system – façade gommage – offers an alternative to scaffold in the exterior cleaning industry As ‘falls from height’ remains one of the most common causes of fatalities and major ...

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