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12-year-old schoolboy creates latest Handy Dryer

A 12-year-old schoolboy has joined forces with leading hand dryer manufacturer, Handy Dryers, to unveil a new model for Global Handwashing Day 2021, which took place last Friday, 15 October.

Zach Cosham, a budding engineer from Hove, approached Handy Dryers two months ago with an idea for a new hand dryer called the ‘Zebrillo’. His design would deliver an effective dry, minimise noise levels, and promote healthy hand hygiene to young people during the pandemic.

Steven Levy, Managing Director of Handy Dryers, was so impressed with Zach’s enthusiasm and creativity that he wanted to bring his ideas to life. With a new quiet hand dryer in production, the firm’s latest model will be named the ‘Zebrillo’ in recognition of Zach’s innovative contributions. The collaboration will launch early in 2022.

Levy said: “When Zach sent in his designs we were blown away by his knowledge and engineering talent. His drawings were incredibly detailed and he had really thought about the features that would make the dryer more appealing for younger children, who are often put off by the loud noise levels.

“We are delighted that we were able to join forces with Zach and turn his ideas into reality. It has been a pleasure to work with such a skilled young inventor and we are sure Zach has a bright future ahead of him in the world of engineering.”

Zach commented: “My passion for hand dryer engineering started when I was young, and has helped me to understand the importance of clean hands and hygienic dryers such as the Gorillo. The technology and engineering inside of the dryers is amazing and has inspired me to go further in my research and find out more about how these brilliant machines work! “


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