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New cleaning franchise aims to ‘smash the mould’

Anne Brebner and Catherine Fitch

A new commercial cleaning company is promising a “better work-life balance for its people” through its unique franchise model.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise Ltd has launched offering franchisees the opportunity to build and scale their own commercial cleaning business by leveraging support tools, services, and training, in a sustainable way.

Owners Ann Brebner and Catherine Fitch believe their model allows franchisees to work smarter with the ability to balance work with other things in their life – something many are now striving for post-pandemic.

Fitch explained: “We decided to smash the mould that other cleaning franchises have been using for years by doing things in a markedly different way and bringing in much more balance.

“Rather than trying to master everything, we show people how to leverage expertise and still make a profitable business.

“We have many ways of doing this. For example, we provide all our franchisees with a call reception service to take initial enquiries, follow-up leads, manage messages and much more. By leveraging other people’s skills, it reduces the administration burden on the business owner, allowing them to focus on running the business itself.

“Whether you want to earn £30,000 or £3 million from your business, our franchise actively facilitates and celebrates the unique business goals of each of our franchisees.”

Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise Ltd focuses on commercial and office cleaning, and enables all its franchisees to get started quickly, with no significant initial outlays, making it more manageable.

With the Covid pandemic inspiring more flexible and agile working, a key philosophy for the company is having a sustainable business that empowers franchisees to have a balanced lifestyle.

Once a franchisee feels more confident about their business, Brebner and Fitch support them to transition to employed teams of cleaners, and to take on bigger, more lucrative contracts.

Brebner, who has run both domestic and commercial cleaning business for nearly 20 years said: “Work-life balance is very important. We have a supportive framework in place and want to show people that they don’t have to burn out and that there are other ways of working.

“Most cleaning franchises are just about the royalties and the financial return, but ours is very much about the person. Everybody is different so we have a holistic approach and give people the tools, support and coaching that they need to succeed.”

To find out more visit www.wpcs.cleaning/franchise.

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