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Businesses save time with new device-specific batteries

Over the course of 2020, we have seen much more importance given to operational and professional battery-powered devices across a range of applications including medical devices, automated hand-sanitiser dispensers, property management sensors, power tools, and security devices to name a few. Power in professional devices across a range of key industries is critical to provide essential functionality for end-users, provide confidence for the workers using them and deliver overall profitability to the businesses.

Resource constraints and time management of resources is becoming more challenging for business’ with operational teams drawn to solve a wide range of issues across a business. In the light of Covid-19, facilities and infrastructure teams are being forced to maintain more building management devices including new powered sanitation devices and security services. Maintaining continuous operations is central and imperative to securing profitability and efficiency in those businesses, as well as providing safe environments in the current climate. Replacing batteries in these devices for teams can be a significant time drain on resources of operational teams and as a result, a cost centre for businesses. Reducing the drain on time for these teams should be a priority to businesses to increase overall profitability through resources.

By conducting intensive, testing and analysis across a wide range of devices in their labs. The professional battery business, Procell, has discovered a way to extend alkaline battery life (versus prior Industrial by Duracell AA & AAA batteries). Using this analysis and data, they have engineered device-specific industrial alkaline batteries, each with unique power profiles to meet the needs of end-users. You can learn more about their device-specific batteries here.

It is critical for professional end-users to drive the profitability of their businesses and they accordingly have developed the world’s first dual portfolio of professional batteries with extended life. With this discovery and a new way to dramatically extend alkaline battery life, these batteries will now help to cut replacement costs and provide operational teams with the time to focus on the main responsibilities of their roles. Ultimately, Procell is helping to drive profitability through this model with businesses.

Dan Haskins, General Manager at Procell Europe, says: “We are really excited about the delivery of our professional batteries to our customers. We know the extended life batteries will deliver huge time savings for businesses and will help to deliver profitability to them.”

As a business, Procell focuses exclusively on the professional battery market – providing customers and partners with attention on their needs and requirements across a wide range of solutions. It uses its deep understanding of professional devices and the battery category through device testing and analysis in their labs to constantly improve their technology.

The future of professional devices and operations will be to reduce time drain for operational employees within businesses so they have time to focus on the key aspects of their roles. Procell professional batteries are perfectly positioned to take this forward into 2021 and beyond.

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