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Clenetix launches software to transform cleaning efficiency

Cleaning software specialist, Clenetix, has launched its cutting-edge software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution which aims to ensure cleaning operations meet the needs of the location and the people that operate within it and enhance service efficiency.

Designed specifically for the cleaning industry, Clenetix brings together functionality to track on-going activity, automate workflow and audit service standards. The comprehensive, modular tool provides time and attendance monitoring, activity tracking, task list management, quality audit management and footfall tracking to enable demand-based cleaning.

The Clenetix mobile app used by cleaning operatives is configured to deliver specific cleaning instructions for each location and direct activity with proactive service alerting, driven by active data.

Clenetix offers an Insights Portal that is a real-time view of the exact tasks in progress, how long they take and what consumables are used. It can be configured to send cleaning instructions via push-notifications directly to cleaning operatives’ smartphones, when a usage capacity limit is reached in a certain area or a service issue has been highlighted. This valuable data capture can then be analysed to drive more efficient cleaning schedules, increase operational efficiency, functional accuracy, have better control over consumables management and highlight where cost savings and service improvements can be made.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, the specialist cleaning software does not integrate with any on-site infrastructure, making it a simple plug-and-play solution. Clenetix is powered by pulse box beacons installed in premises that communicate directly with cleaning operatives’ smartphones via Bluetooth.

Mark Hazelwood, Co-founder, Clenetix said: “Clenetix was born from having an insight into the cleaning industry and identifying what could improve it. We were determined to challenge conventional practices and find a solution that could transform cleaning as we know it.

“In order to provide an exceptional and efficient cleaning service on the ground, you need data that will allow you to do this. After all, if you can’t measure it, how can you improve it? Clenetix, simply put, tracks cleaning operations and provides data to improve it.”

Following Clenetix’s launch, Peter Stock, co-founder of Clenetix commented: “We are pleased to introduce Clenetix to the market at a time when cleaning has never been more crucial. Clenetix gives full visibility of cleaning operations and displays step-by-step instructions for cleaning operatives to ensure that nothing is missed. This gives businesses and cleaning companies complete peace of mind and confidence in the hygiene of their premises.”

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