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Call for better sanitary waste facilities in male washroom cubicles

Initial Washroom Hygiene and charity Bladder & Bowel UK, are working to deliver ‘washroom dignity’ for everyone regardless of age, gender or need, by ensuring that they have access to the washroom facilities they require.

An estimated 14 million people in the UK suffer with bladder problems and an estimated 6.5 million adults suffer with bowel problems. Whilst incontinence is typically associated with women or older men, research from Initial Washroom Hygiene has found that nearly two in five (39 per cent) male respondents with the issue are in fact aged between 18-34, a higher figure than those aged 55+ (35 per cent), and aged 35-54 (26 per cent). Furthermore, half of sufferers (50 per cent) are even afraid to leave their homes and are unwilling to discuss their condition with close friends or family.

While it is normal to have sanitary or period waste bins in female toilet cubicles, the vast majority of public washrooms across the UK do not have sanitary waste bins in male washroom cubicles. This facility is vital for sufferers so that they can discreetly manage their condition when away from the home. In fact, Initial Washroom Hygiene’s research shows that just a fifth (17 per cent) of sufferers have access to dispose of sanitary waste in male washrooms in their offices. Three in 10 (29 per cent) have even been forced to carry a used incontinence pad in their bag or coat due to a lack of disposal facilities.

Jamie Woodhall, UK Technical & Innovation Manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene commented: “It is a shocking reality that many men suffering with incontinence in the UK do not currently have access to the washroom facilities they need. Everyone has the right to a dignified washroom experience – businesses and local authorities need to urgently address this to ensure sanitary bins are available for male visitors, employees and customers.”

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