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Championing green cleaning methods

Lion Commercial Cleaning, a Southampton based commercial cleaning company established in the 1980s, has evolved its own approach to the use of environmentally friendly materials which it uses for sprucing up the offices and premises of Hampshire based businesses who are its clients.

Lion Commercial Cleaning is headed up by CEO Nik Shore, ably assisted in the running of the business by his son Max Shore – they have both built a family business supported by a growing army of trusted cleaning staff who attend to the regular cleaning needs of its expanding list of clients, many of whom have been with the company for 10 years or more.

Lion takes ‘pride’ in its work, always going that extra mile to keep clients’ premises clean, sparkling and germ free.

More recently it has facilitated a ‘Green Cleaning Service’ which involves the use of chemical free materials, which is becoming ever more popular as we all strive to minimise our ecological impacts on the planet.

Cleaning with chemicals has become a norm which has negative consequences for health and the environment. And employers need to be aware of the harms that can be caused to their employees with the use of standard non-green materials.

Certain chemicals are hazardous to our wellness and our planets wellbeing. It is time for organisations to make the step to reduce as much harm as possible with more environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Some of the greener materials used by Lion for its clients include multi-purpose products from the Triple 8 GREEN range – all of which are eco-friendly – and good old fashioned H2O.  These products are ideal for offices, commercial environments, leisure centres, schools or wherever optimum hygiene conditions are required.

Here are some other ways in which the environmental impact of these commercial cleaning products can be minimised:

Green inventory Management – Sourcing greener products involves creating a code to help cleaning companies select more environmentally friendly supplies. Lion helps their clients to adopt a set of values and codes which enables organisations to make the right decisions when selecting more environmentally friendly products.

Build a Green Brand – By making the changes and harnessing greener and more sustainable business practices, it will help partners and clients align their CSR goals. Collaboration on sustainability will enhance brand values and help to position a business that wants to be known for adopting positive sustainable values.

Nik Shore, Lion’s CEO, said: “We have been in business for over 35 years, and have witnessed a number of changes during this time, the most impactful of which has been the request from our clients to adopt the use of greener cleaning materials – to protect both the planet and all of the people who work within the offices and premises we clean.  Green cleaning is a forward thinking method of investing in a company’s brand, values and mission – setting a good example to follow long into the future.”

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