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Churchill launches high spec cleaning service

Independent support services provider, Churchill Group, has launched Portfolio, a high specification cleaning service for organisations who regard the workplace environment as critical to their core business.

Portfolio has been designed for companies who see a direct link between their buildings, the way in which a business is perceived, and its ability to excel at its core operations. Based on feedback from its clients across the legal, banking, media, and professional services sectors, Churchill has identified the need to deliver something different, with an entirely new ethos behind it.

Portfolio is delivered by a dedicated team of cleaning professionals who are trained in concierge style service and understand a client organisation’s culture. Through the Portfolio Centre of Excellence, its learning and development hub, and partnership with a renowned five-star hotel, Portfolio will seek to challenge convention in the outsourced cleaning market.

Antony Law, Managing Director at Churchill, commented: “Portfolio is all about attention to detail, small acts of kindness, high standards of care and elevating what can be expected from a cleaning partner. Portfolio is founded on the idea that outstanding environments foster exceptional performance. We realise this can only be achieved with the right culture, which is why we’re is investing heavily in rewards and recognition and celebrating what our people do day in day out. Our ethos is to do the right thing and ensure staff enjoy what they do. Ultimately, with Portfolio, clients can expect a service that not only reflects their business’ values but also enhances them.” 

To accompany the launch, Portfolio by Churchill has published its own independently written and researched report on the cleaning industry. Using interviews with key figures from across the built environment, the paper looks to reappraise a service that is often, and unfairly, considered highly commoditised, static and unsophisticated. It is split into five categories – standards, delivery, technology, sustainability, and industry perception – in order to build a clearer picture of cleaning today and where it might be heading in the future.

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