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Delphis Eco partners with Whale and Dolphin Conservation ahead of World Dolphin Day

To mark World Dolphin Day (14 April), eco-cleaning brand, Delphis Eco, is offering all supporters and members of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation a five per cent discount on all its products. In addition to the discount Delphis Eco will donate five per cent of the sales to the charity.

The offer is open to anyone who would like to support WDC and their amazing efforts to protect whales and dolphins and highlight the importance of sea creatures to our world and the environment.

Delphis Eco’s household cleaning range offers a wide selection of eco-friendly products for use throughout the home. Its British made products will keep homes spotless, working as effectively as traditional cleaning chemicals, but without dangerous ingredients to aquatic organisms such as whales and dolphins. Its packaging is both recycled and recyclable and its bottles are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic milk bottles. By using post-consumer recycled packaging in the entire range, Delphis says it helps to reduce carbon by 70 per cent for users.

Sophie Loveday, Partnerships Manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, said: “Whales and dolphins are amazing. They are intelligent beings, vital for the health of the ocean and planet. They have suffered from terrible harm – deliberate and accidental – and their homes and populations are under threat. But it’s not too late.

“With the generosity of partners like Delphis Eco, and their customers, together we can still help them recover and flourish and they can help us reconnect with the wild and repair the damage we have caused.

“We’re really excited to kick this partnership off with Delphis Eco on World Dolphin Day and we’re incredibly grateful for all their support!”

Mark Jankovich, CEO of Delphis Eco, said: “Our oceans are incredibly precious to life on our planet, and we need to protect them from the insidious abuse that humans have inflicted upon them over many years. Protecting whales and dolphins is a large part of this.

“It’s perhaps a little-known fact that whales are a huge help in fighting the climate and biodiversity crises.  Their bodies are enormous stores of carbon, and their presence in the ocean shapes the ecosystems around them.

“It’s sad that after decades of industrialised whaling, biologists estimate that some populations have been reduced by 99 per cent of their pre-whaling numbers, such as the blue whale in the Southern Ocean.

“If whales were allowed to return to their pre-whaling numbers, it would add significantly to the level of phytoplankton in the oceans, and the carbon they capture each year, and could significantly help to reduce the impacts of global warming. 

“If blue whales in the Southern Ocean recovered to pre-whaling levels, they could provide enough nutrients by circulating nutrients and fertilising phytoplankton with their poo for phytoplankton to store over 6 billion trees worth of carbon.”

Vicki James, Research Coordinator at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, added: “We need to think of whaling as being a tragedy that has removed a key ally from the ocean that would have been having a much larger multiplying effect on phytoplankton productivity and the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon.

“From the depths of the ocean, these creatures are also helping to determine the health of the ocean and fight climate change – and it’s something that we’ve only recently started to appreciate.”

For those wishing to support Whale and Dolphin Conservation – check out www.delphiseco.com and use code WDC5 to secure five per cent discount and five per cent donation to Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

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