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Delphis Eco’s Heroes campaign goes large

The eco-friendly cleaning products company which supplies innovative products to the commercial and retail markets, has launched its new Delphis Heroes Campaign.

Not only will its new set of Hero stories go on the front of each product, but Delphis is taking it to the next level with a captivating and massive 48-sheet tube advert at Holborn Central Line, accompanied by an advert at Welwyn Garden City.

The stunning eye-catching displays will take the spotlight for a two-week period, starting Monday, 17th July 2023.

Delphis Eco has been a respected partner of cleaning products to the commercial market for the last 15 years. The shift into the retail market was instigated by a continuous push by commercial customers to offer a range they could offer at home. The labels on its retail packaging already have quotes from commercial partners.

And now – two years after its launch in Waitrose, Delphis Eco’s CEO and Founder, Mark Jankovich, explains the Heroes Campaign.

He said: “We are super-proud to be launching our Heroes Campaign which is going mainstream – this is the first time we have gone into underground billboard advertising.

“With such symbiosis between Delphis’ B2B and B2C ranges, the Hero Campaign is designed to champion Delphis’ commercial partners, the real heroes behind Delphis Eco.

“Indeed, it’s their hard work, commitment to sustainability and trust in Delphis’ products that places them as leaders in sustainability. The campaign also draws attention to the importance of using sustainable, non-toxic cleaning products and highlights how using eco-friendly cleaning products is a simple, yet effective solution people can adopt to become more sustainable.”

The very first Delphis Hero launching the campaign is Michelle Thomas, New Openings Manager at room2, the leading hometel brand, and part of Lamington Group.

As the inaugural ‘Hero’, Thomas demonstrates exceptional dedication and leadership in championing eco-conscious practices within the hospitality sector.

Her visionary approach aligns perfectly with Delphis Eco’s mission to promote sustainable cleaning solutions and sets a remarkable example as an advocate for sustainable living in the hospitality industry.

room2 seamlessly blends the comfort of a home with the convenience of a hotel, while also working tirelessly towards achieving full Net Zero status.

Thomas commented: “Sustainability has become much more of a focus for me personally, and for the business. It’s really important to have an eco-friendly cleaning product to make sure the facilities that we provide for our guests are safe. We want to make sure our team members are using products that are safe to use – a product that is good for people and the planet and gets the job done.

“My favourite product is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner – I can do everything with it. I can spray a badly stained shower, go back in a few minutes, wipe it and it’s perfect first time. It’s a great product.”

Commenting on the campaign, Jankovich concluded: “Working with industry professionals, such as Michelle, who have first-hand experience of using our products can reassure retail customers of our credibility who are naturally sceptical about the effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning products and most likely, their green credentials too.

“If our professional partners love our products and trust our environmental accreditations, we are confident these products can be just as effective and loved in people’s homes.

“Michelle embodies the spirit of sustainability, leading the charge towards a greener future.

“We are looking forward to launching the Hero Campaign, continuing to work with our fantastic business partners and achieving our ambitious targets to rapidly grow our presence in the retail space.”

Delphis Eco products are available at Waitrose, Ocado, and Amazon.

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