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E-cleaning takes to the stage at Interclean Istanbul 2019

Meeting the demand for Management & Mobility solutions, Interclean Istanbul 2019 will feature a Management & Mobility Solutions Pavilion.

E-cleaning will be a big deal at this year’s Interclean event in Istanbul. Along with new robots and machines, providers are rapidly developing the Management & Mobility solutions that the industry needs to drive efficiency and power the future of cleaning.

Creating smarter cleaning services
Smarter and smarter machines are constantly hitting the market – making them a more viable choice for a wider range of companies. However, these businesses also need effective ways to manage their e-cleaning systems. This demand is fuelling a rapid influx of innovative app-enabled processes that enable greater efficiency in cleaning operations – as well as the ability to analyse, and act on, valuable management information.

Driving efficiency in professional cleaning
As well as being a vital element of Interclean exhibitions around the world, Management & Mobility Solutions is a unique segment – because it impacts all other areas of professional cleaning and hygiene. Whether it’s an app that manages chemical dosage in the on-premise laundry sector or a chatbot that interacts with cleaning robots, the new era of smart solutions is already changing the way businesses everywhere approach their operations.

With more workers using smartphones, tablets and other connected devices (not to mention the growing influence of the Internet of Things), Management & Mobility Solutions is an emerging discipline that’s only set to grow in importance to companies.

Designed to improve the efficiency
Due to the impact it has already had on the industry (and the huge potential for further innovation it displays), this year will see the dedicated Management & Mobility Solutions Pavilion at Interclean Istanbul 2019. Here, delegates will be able to discover the latest information on apps, online monitoring tools, e-learning platforms and workflow software – all designed to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Talking to experts in the field from providers such as Facility Apps, Haltian, and Progiclean, visitors to the pavilion will have a unique opportunity to understand more about the E-cleaning challenges they will face – and the solutions that already exist to overcome any barriers to efficient cleaning operations.

Hearing from the e-cleaning experts
“The industry wants more insight and faster feedback on their questions. As a result, the Spanish mop is no longer the most important cleaning tool of the modern cleaner, but rather a dedicated facility application on their smartphone. Data collected through all kinds of sensors makes a building and its products smart and will revolutionise the way in which cleaning is controlled.” -Dirk Tuip, CEO of Facility Apps.

“E-cleaning is good for everyone: personnel motivation and performance improvement. Clean spaces provide better customer experience and maintenance companies and service buyers save money. Investing one euro to e-cleaning can save you up to three.” -Tom Lindgren, VP Digital Solutions of Haltian.

“Regarding e-cleaning, web-based solutions allow for the management of your company from anywhere where you can share, send and receive information in real-time with your employees and inspectors through web-information systems.” -Elhadj Mbaye, CMO of PROGICLEAN.

Discover the future of your cleaning operations
Offering a complete and comprehensive overview of the latest products and solutions – as well as expert insight into regional developments – Interclean Istanbul will run from 10-12 April 2019 at the Istanbul Congress Center.

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Discover more about Management & Mobility Solutions at Intercleanwatch our e-cleaning video.

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