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Festive restaurant takings at risk from unhygienic toilets

Sniffy restaurant patrons put off by poor reviews of restaurant toilets could cost the UK economy over £200 million in takings this festive season, according to Initial Washroom Hygiene’s study of over 85,000 washroom reviews in the hospitality sector.

The research finds that negative reviews relating to the smell and cleanliness of washroom toilets are correlated with on average a one star lower review on Tripadvisor, potentially costing British businesses’ revenue gains of up to three per cent on forecast December takings of £7.9 billion.

The analysis reflects a poll of public attitudes to washrooms which reveals that 92 per cent of Brits have experienced unpleasant smells in public toilets, with 78 per cent reporting this would make them less likely to visit again. Conversely, 76 per cent stated that a positive experience in a public washroom would make them more likely to spend with a business.

Toilets appearing dirty or unclean (68 per cent) and having a bad odour (62 per cent) are the top reasons for putting people off using public washrooms. When asked in Initial Washroom Hygiene’s consumer survey which types of business generally provide the best quality public washroom facilities for customers, visitors and staff, only a third (30 per cent) of respondents reported that high street restaurants provide quality washrooms, with local pubs (23 per cent) and bars (20 per cent) also lagging behind.

Initial Washroom Hygiene is urging British businesses to invest in washroom hygiene services and odour prevention, or risk missing out on vital profits this festive season.

Jamie Woodhall, UK Technical & Innovation Manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene said: “As the full festive season fast approaches, it is essential for British businesses to ensure their  washrooms inspire cheer and not fear. A well-maintained washroom can make a significant impact on a customer’s experience, creating a lasting impression that’s sure to bring them back for more. Failing to maintain clean and hygienic washrooms can mark the difference between a magical experience and a significant hit to festive revenue.” 


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