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GOJO unveils new winter wellness website and toolkit

In its effort to boost wellness and lessen the impact of seasonal viruses this winter, GOJO has launched a new website, www.winter-wellness.eu.

The microsite, available to view in eight different languages including English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Polish and Romanian, features advice, blogs and downloadable resources to help businesses across Europe achieve a healthier germ season.

The website is aimed at businesses who want to protect their workforce from highly contagious infections such as the common cold, influenza, and norovirus (dubbed the winter vomiting bug), which all peak during the winter season. By taking steps to ensure their employees’ wellbeing, they can lessen the impact of these seasonal viruses on their business, by reducing the number of work days lost due to sickness. One study estimated that, when looking specifically at the flu season, influenza costs the UK economy £1.35 billion annually in lost working days.

www.winter-wellness.eu is an educational microsite, which features:

  • A benefit calculator. This handy tool calculates the number of employees, their hourly wage and days saved per winter period, by implementing a hand hygiene system
  • A winter wellness toolkit. Free to download, this toolkit contains awareness-raising signage, product placement guides and key information about how to stay healthy this winter
  • Blogs, which offer lots more wellness tips for both employers and employees
  • Opportunity to purchase a PURELL Winter Wellness Kit, comprising of PURELL dispensing systems for common areas, PURELL bottles for workspaces and PURELL wipes for surfaces

Chris Wakefield, Vice President, European Marketing & Product Development, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd commented: “Highly contagious winter viruses can have a significant impact on businesses, as employees take time off to recover. This subsequently hits efficiency and customer service levels. By implementing proper hand hygiene systems in workplaces, employers will benefit from reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.”



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