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Green Facilities Management tackling germs in UK schools

Celebrating its 10th year in trading, Green Facilities Management Ltd, London’s one-stop cleaning shop, is working on an initiative to provide schools and charities with its innovative Anti-Viral Door Push Pads, assisting in the fight against Covid-19.

Door handles are the largest touch points in an educational setting and the average door in a school is home to 40,000 harmful germs per square inch. But while hand washing is still vital during, and after, the pandemic, it’s a startling statistic that 66 per cent of school children don’t use soap to clean their hands, making it difficult to prevent contamination. However, Green Facilities Management Ltd’s solution is completely free for schools and charities across the UK. Which couldn’t come at a better time as many schools prepare for a reopening challenge in September, with many currently coping with social distancing rules.

Green Facilities Management Ltd’s Anti-Viral Door Push Pad will help to stop the spread of germs by killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria that comes in to contact with it. Treated with antimicrobial coating to kill unwanted microbes, this product will provide long-term protection and greatly reduce reinfection rates, allowing parents, teachers and students to feel safer.

By providing schools and charities with Anti-Viral Door Push Pads, Green Facilities Management Ltd is taking an active part in stopping the spread of coronavirus and preventing a second wave.

To order, email info@greenfacilities.co.uk.

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