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How to successfully market your cleaning business online

Get ahead in the highly competitive UK cleaning industry. 4 tips for successfully marketing your cleaning business online by Jayme Wium, digital marketer at SME Loans

The British Cleaning Council announced less than a year ago that the cleaning industry in the UK contributes more than £24 billion to the country’s economy. Over 700,000 people are employed by the UK cleaning industry, making it an important element in many British livelihoods. As an active role player in the industry, you know just how integral cleaning businesses are to the UK economy.

While the cleaning industry has managed to come out shining after various depressions, highs and lows; the businesses that operate within it are still faced with a few challenges of their own. These range from client satisfaction difficulties to the mammoth task of trying to stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive market.

As part of the digital marketing team at SME Loans, I have encountered a number of cleaning business executives looking for funding to take their business to the next level.

The SME Loans team has assisted marketing directors and business owners from all categories of cleaning businesses, including commercial, residential, and specialised cleaning. One thing that I have noticed is that a majority of these businesses are looking for sound ways to successfully market their cleaning businesses online, and for many, this can cost a great deal of money. The good news is that it does not have to.

There are a few things that you can do to successfully market your cleaning business online yourself.

Four Tips for Marketing a Cleaning Business Online
Follow these tips and watch your online presence and reputation improve.

  1. Design Your Website for Mobile.

Nowadays, very few people sit behind their computers all day. Most people have a mobile phone that they use for pretty much everything, from calling the kids to ordering their favourite products online. When an individual or business requires a cleaning service, they are not going to waste time getting back to the office, firing up the computer, and searching for a service provider. They are simply going to carry out a search on their mobile phone – usually via Google.

When your website URL comes up in a search and a customer clicks on it, the content and menus need to display clearly and correctly on the mobile screen. If it does not, chances are that they will leave the website and look for a service provider that makes it easy for them to quickly get the information that they need.

  1. Start a Helpful Cleaning Advice Blog.

What is the first thing that you do when you have a question you can’t answer or a problem you need to solve? Most people reach for their mobile device, do a Google search and try to get the answers and advice that they need. Even if the answers do not immediately solve their problems, chances are that they will remember where the advice came from and even reach out to the company for further assistance. A blog is the best way to get your advice content featured in Google search results.

If you are stumped for things to write about, make a list of all of the common cleaning problems that your clients are faced with. Create blogs providing advice on these very problems. Of course, also make sure that you are easy to contact if the customer needs a little extra advice. Blogging will not just be helpful to your customers. It will do wonders for your online marketing outcomes. The more value you seem to be adding to the customer, the more Google will smile on your efforts and reward you with good search engine rankings.

  1. Have an Active Social Media Presence.

If you do not have social media pages set up for your cleaning business, you should set them up immediately. Digital “word of mouth” is a real thing and something to be respected when trying to boost your online marketing outcomes. Don’t just have a page, but be a conversation starter. Connect with companies that support your business in the industry, get into conversations, comment on posts, add posts and pictures, ask questions, and show real interest. By developing a social relationship with your customer base online, you can expect for them to remember your business name when they need the relevant services. Social media platforms that your cleaning business should be part of include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  1. Encourage Customers to Write Reviews.

Did you know that while only 26% of consumers visit physical stores to learn more about products, 55% browse for online reviews, and 47% thoroughly scour a company’s website? According to a report by KPMG on The Truth about Online Consumers, browsers convert to buyers when they are able to read real reviews on the products and services they are interested in.

Getting customers to write reviews on your products and their experiences with your business will get you great exposure online. Google tends to feature reviews in search results, as they provide real value to browsers. The more your product names and company name comes up in reviews, the more visible your business will be online. To boost your reputation, ensure that you respond to each review, good or bad. Do so in courteous and helpful way, even if a customer is being negative or demeaning.

How you handle yourself will help you to win or lose customers. Never delete a negative review. Try to use it to your advantage by showing real interest in the problem and trying to rectify the problem to the best of your ability. You can allow reviews to be posted directly on your website and you should have a presence on review sites such as Yelp, Google My Business (you need to claim this page for your business), Hello Peter, Glassdoor, and ConsumerReports.

Get Ahead in the Cleaning Business Online
If you are looking for affordable ways to successfully market your cleaning business online in the UK, the above tips should prove valuable to you. While some digital marketing solutions may require you to apply for a loan or dedicate some of your business funds to, there are ways that you can keep those costs down by handling some of your online marketing efforts yourself. Good luck!

Jayme Wium is a digital marketer for SME Loans, specialising in the areas of technology and finances, among others.


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