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Keep it clean…and green

As public concern around the environment reaches fever pitch, Trudi Osborne, Marketing Manager at Airdri, explains why 2020 should be your greenest year yet when it comes to washroom procurement.

Amidst the ongoing changes in society, one thing that remains a constant is the need to protect our planet. The concern over climate change continues to grow, now cited as the third most pressing issue facing the nation*. We have a responsibility, both professionally and personally, to do our bit to preserve the environment.

The cleaning and hygiene sector has championed sustainability for many years now. Well aware of its impact on the planet, from the natural resources used in washrooms to the carbon emissions created during manufacturing processes, many in the industry have been taking steps to reduce the impact we have on our wider surroundings.

But of course, more can be done, and smart procurement when equipping a washroom can deliver eco-benefits for years to come. When it comes to purchasing, we always put minimising waste, low energy and durability at the forefront of our advice.

Minimising waste
‘Paper free’ is a term we hear a lot in business. From not printing unless necessarily, to encouraging recycling. But this rule seems not to apply to the washroom, with many businesses and public places still offering paper towels as the only hand drying solution.

However, paper towels certainly come with their fair share of eco challenges. Not only are they made from natural resources, having a significant knock on effect on our forests; but they also need constant replenishment, and more often than not end up in landfill emitting yet more carbon emissions.

The alternative is a hand dryer, which of course requires energy to power it, but the manufacturing process and longevity of the product deliver far superior eco-friendly results. This option not only keeps waste to a minimum, but it also slashes the resources required for maintenance, as product doesn’t constantly need restocking, resulting in significant cost savings for a business.

Low energy consumption
It’s a fact that many hand dryers produce their own share of emissions but there are some excellent products now on the market that have impressive consumption credentials.

Take our Airdri Quantum and Airdri Quazar models for example. They both deliver a robust hand drying solution and have also achieved the coveted GreenSpec status for using less than 1,000 watts. In fact, at only 200 watts, the Airdri Quantum is the lowest energy consumption unit in the world.

Put sustainability first and opt for a model that boasts low emissions and the Greenspec stamp of approval. The initial investment may be a little higher than ordering a bulk of paper, but this is redeemed in no time as the one-off investment replaces the monthly cost of the paper alternative. Selecting a hand dryer as the drying solution represents both long-term cost savings and a gentle touch on the environment.

Built to last
Selecting a robust machine that will go the distance is key. Most fast dry models will last for approximately 1,000 hours but if you really want to do your bit in reducing the number sent to landfill, you should be searching for a unit with longevity.

Over the past four decades, we have been committed to improving the durability of our machines. Eliminating problems relating to the wear and tear of motor brushes, by using the latest motor technology, means that, on average, Airdri hand dryers have a lifespan of around 6,000 hours. When placed on lifecycle testing, Airdri’s latest model – the Quantum jet dryer – lasted for over 10,000 hours, representing a very significant saving in both running costs and environmental impact.

With over 45 years’ experience, Airdri is committed to sustainability through reduction in energy consumption and extending the lifespan of its hand dryers. As we enter a new year with new business goals, our commitment to safeguarding our planet is stronger than ever.


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