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London Cleaning System (LCS) continues to invest in cleaning equipment

London Cleaning System (LCS), a specialist for end of tenancy cleaning has recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of its foundation. Looking back to the company’s beginning as a small family-led cleaning business, the LCS team also took advantage of the occasion to make a detailed analysis of both the ups and downs over the last five years. In addition to identifying the company’s main strengths, this analysis also sought to pinpoint the areas where there is still room for improvement.

Uncompromising dedication to quality and customer satisfaction have been identified as the key factors in LCS success and transformation into one of the leading London cleaning companies, both directly and indirectly. Utilising modern marketing approaches to win new customers and build its reputation as a specialist for end of tenancy cleaning, the company also decided to rely on the “power” of the word of the mouth. But in order for the latter to achieve its goal, the LCS team knew that 100 per cent customer satisfaction was imperative, which in turn could be achieved only by providing the highest quality services. These in turn required a team of professional and highly dedicated cleaners equipped with the latest and the most powerful extraction machines and cleaning products.

Determined to remain true to the approach which helped LCS grow into one of the leading end of tenancy cleaning providers in London and the neighbouring Essex, the company decided to continue to invest in cleaning equipment. The company’s founder Filip Mijatov explained: “If you want to succeed in the cleaning business in the long term, you need to be the best each and every single time. To do just that, you need hardworking, reliable and committed professionals. But even the greatest professionals cannot provide the highest quality service without top quality industrial-grade equipment. LCS thus remains determined to continue to invest in the latest and most technologically advanced cleaning equipment.

For more information on end of tenancy cleaning London and other services please visit the LCS official website.

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