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Mitie launches cutting-edge cleaning technology platform

Mitie has launched its new cleaning intelligence platform, Merlin Connect.

Merlin Connect harnesses the ability to communicate, collect data and present analytics to create the future of intelligence-led cleaning. The app-based Merlin Connect is accessed by hand-held device and through an online dashboard which generates insights to drive efficiencies, empower cleaning technicians, provide a better user experience and support a demand-led service.

Merlin Connect provides the ability to collect real time information from cleaning technicians on the ground. With a swipe of their handheld devices, technicians can scan near-field communication (NFC) tags and QR codes placed throughout their place of work to immediately unlock vital information that directly relates to the area they are working in. This includes crucial health and safety information, tasks, and equipment condition reports, all thanks to Merlin Connect’s asset management module.

Technicians can digitally log completed activities or raise issues, such as broken items, issuing a general communication to send an automatic notification request, so that this can be rectified or responded to swiftly. They can also highlight any additional or unexpected tasks that were undertaken. With the opportunity to upload before and after images demonstrating the level of cleaning required as well as timestamps, Merlin Connect offers a transparent way to evidence excellence in cleaning standards. The platform’s built in auto-auditing module is able to collate all this information automatically, saving time and replacing the need for time-consuming manual auditing processes.

Through the Merlin Connect platform, data is seamlessly integrated to provide a digital dashboard for each location, with supervisors, managers, and technicians able to see, in real-time, each area’s cleaning status, along with areas that need cleaning most urgently. As an example, when integrated with Mitie’s sensor technology, the platform identifies priority areas to be cleaned based on how frequently they are used throughout the day. Through the platform, technicians can access all this information at a glance on their device and quickly act upon it, transforming how they go about their day-to-day tasks.

In addition to Merlin Connect supporting cleaning technician’s tasks, it also allows all building users to request an area to be cleaned. By simply scanning an area’s unique QR code and completing a request form, an instant ‘reactive task’ alert is sent to cleaning technicians, allowing them to act swiftly.

As well as Merlin Connect’s ability to provide real-time information, the platform also unlocks valuable insights for customers, such as highlighting where cleaning patterns can become opportunities for future efficiencies. By analysing sensor-generated data, Merlin Connect’s dashboards can identify trends in cleaning schedules – such as areas requiring longer to clean than scheduled and identifying the optimal times for cleaning. Armed with this information, cleaning technicians can deliver a more effective service using smarter demand-led schedules, resulting in a better experience for employees, customers, and building users.

Jason Towse, Managing Director, Business Services, Mitie, said: “As the UK’s leading cleaning company, we’re always looking to drive our industry forward with new innovations. With the launch of Merlin Connect, we’re empowering our colleagues with the data and insight they need to deliver a progressive, demand-led approach to cleaning, which ultimately provides a better service for our customers.”

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