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Multiwash from Truvox International helps put a smile on patients’ faces

SmileLux bought its first Truvox International floorcare machine in 2018 for ground floor use and has recently taken delivery of the new Multiwash™ PRO 240, as the business has now also expanded upstairs.

Milton Keynes-based SmileLux is a multi-award-winning Specialist Orthodontic Centre, operated by Practice Principal & Consultant trained Specialist Orthodontist Dr Sunil Hirani who discusses the importance of floorcare in a clinical environment and his experiences with Truvox machines.

 Creating an excellent first impression

“SmileLux guarantees a relaxed 5-star customer experience, so making an excellent first impression is essential. Customers value a perfectly clean environment and one of the most important aspects is the floors. Like any orthodontic centre, we have a variety of flooring types – from carpets to anti-slip hard floors – so choosing the right machinery to achieve maximum cleaning and maintain immaculate flooring throughout is one of our top priorities.

“We bought a Truvox Multiwash™ II 340 scrubber dryer in 2018 and it has worked tirelessly for us without ever breaking down or causing any other issues. When we began to think about adding another machine, it was natural for us to consider the new Multiwash™ PRO 240, which simply does it all.

“When the sales manager from Truvox International came to us to demonstrate the Multiwash™ PRO 240, it opened our eyes to the possibilities. We also learned more about the amazing capabilities of our five-year old machine.

Reliability and rapid return on investment

“The build-quality of both machines is fantastic. They have been designed very elegantly and are not over-engineered, so that’s why they are so reliable. The reliability we have experienced over the last five years with the Multiwash™ II gives us confidence in the longevity of the Multiwash™ PRO 240. The fact that these machines scrub and dry, leaving floors ready to walk on is one benefit, but they are also so easy to use and that makes them popular with the team.

“In healthcare, the mop and bucket remain the most popular cleaning method but that only moves dirt around and potentially makes things worse. When you use the Multiwash™ and see dirty water coming out of a floor that otherwise looks clean, it is clear that it delivers the best solution, and it can do so efficiently without using chemicals, just water.

“The importance of floorcare in general hygiene and cleaning routines in a clinical environment is massively overlooked. People think that once a contractor has installed flooring, cleaning operatives will keep it looking good, but that can only be achieved if the right machinery is used.

“Proper cleaning not only delivers hygiene benefits but also extends the life of the floor. If floors are allowed to deteriorate, the cost of replacement and the clinical time lost during the process can be very high, so using the best machines to maintain the floors helps to deliver a rapid return on the investment.

“I don’t hesitate to recommend both the machinery and service from Truvox International, as the Multiwash™ machines efficiently and reliably deliver the immaculate floors which help to put a smile on our customers’ faces.”

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