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phs Compliance launches coronavirus surface swab test

phs Compliance has launched a new coronavirus surface swab test as part of a range of measures to support businesses reopen safely as lockdown measures ease.

The new surface testing service alerts businesses if their premises are contaminated by Covid-19 and helps identify infected areas, enabling them to take action. The ability to swab test premises for Covid-19 is particularly important following reports infected droplets can contaminate indoor surfaces and remain there for several days, spreading the infection. The surface swab test is undertaken by expertly-trained testers at all workplaces, on everything from door handles and desks to machinery and is carried out in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

The phs Compliance team is also helping businesses comply with legal requirements associated with reopening premises and implementing social distancing measures. This includes water system checks which are mandatory for businesses following a period of closure due to the risk of bacteria growth in both cold and hot water systems. This bacterium can grow to harmful levels in as little as two weeks, creating a risk of Legionnaire’s Disease. Businesses are also legally obligated to update fire-risk assessments when making layout changes, which many are doing to comply with social distancing measures. In addition, due to the airborne nature of the coronavirus, it is recommended air-conditioning units have filter changes while return-to-work checks are being carried out.

Dan Lee, Managing Director of phs Compliance, said: “The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread business disruption including full closures during periods of lockdown. As organisations now start reopening, health and safety has become the number one priority but many will not be aware of the associated legal requirements, whether it’s water system checks, new fire risk assessments or making sure annual gas and electric checks are up to date.

“In response, we are primed to support businesses as they reopen safely and legally by conducting all the necessary checks and compliance measures. We have also launched our new coronavirus surface swab test to help businesses in the fight against infection as well as measures which will actively help increase the health and wellbeing of employees. Whatever the requirement, we are very much by the side of businesses to stay safe and compliant in the running of their premises following lockdown and beyond.”

All visits by phs Compliance are conducted with increased infection control procedures, including full PPE, allowing them to continue to safely undertake all new and routine safety checks and statutory testing.


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