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phs Group and GreenTeck Global bring ECOFLOW innovation to the UK washroom sector

A new collaboration between phs Group and GreenTeck Global is offering UK companies a chemical-free way to destroy, rather than mask, lingering bathroom-related odours.

From July, the new ECOFLOW will be available across the UK via the country’s leading hygiene provider, phs Group, in an exclusive five-year contract.

Using innovative, patented, diamond flow-cell technology, ECOFLOW converts ordinary tap water on demand into ozonated water; a natural, chemical-free liquid with strong oxidisation properties. The reduced maintenance requirements or need for additional products, such as cistern sanitisers and air fresheners, make it ideal for high footfall areas, from train stations and shopping centres to schools and stadia.

In addition to providing more powerful disinfectant properties than bleach and safely neutralising odour, the ozonated water’s oxidative strength also breaks down uric acid build-up on plumbing fixtures during flushing. This helps leave pipes clear of uric crystals, cleaning as the ozonated water flows through the pipework to drains, improving water flow and eliminating bathroom odours.

During an initial eight-month trial at phs Group’s Hayes operations centre in which all other odour management products had been removed, most unpleasant washroom smells had disappeared within a day of installation, and been completely eradicated within one week. The ozonated water also cleared the cisterns of organic debris, eliminating build-up throughout the trial.

David Thurston, Founder and CEO of GreenTeck Global, said: “When we created ECOFLOW, our goal was to simplify the cleaning process by designing a safe and sustainable way to address the perennial problem of odour and uric acid build-up in a washroom environment. Now, in partnering with phs Group, we’re in the strongest position to introduce our revolutionary cleaning system to a UK-wide audience.

“Not only does ECOFLOW help companies reduce the amount of chemicals used and comply with COSHH regulations but removing the need for additional washroom-related products will help businesses minimise their carbon footprint while improving their sustainability credentials.”

Amanda Haywood, Head of Product Development at phs Group, said: “Our customers rely on us to offer them sustainable hygiene solutions that make being green part of their day-to-day operations, so we are delighted to be working with GreenTeck Global to deliver such an effective and cost-efficient cleaning system for them.

“With its innovative chemical-free technology, ECOFLOW provides a highly effective and 100 per cent natural way to eliminate odour issues in high footfall areas and is a very welcome addition to our suite of cleaning solutions.”


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