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Room Shield seals Ezisan deal and new Board Advisor appointment

A major high-profile appointment is set to help a Midlands hygiene specialist realise a multi-million pound opportunity for its revolutionary sanitising solution.

Room Shield, which was formed by entrepreneurs John Donnelly and Kevin Parr, has attracted Hamish Taylor as a Board Advisor to help it build a clear marketing story for its Surface Shield HOCL (hypochlorous acid) products and to broker new relationships in key sectors.

The former Procter & Gamble specialist, Head of Brands at British Airways and CEO of Eurostar UK Group will bring his vast experience of building customer-centric journeys and creating a compelling narrative to educate the marketplace on the benefits of the solution, which is “cleaner, safer and faster than existing offers”.

He has already used his corporate background and consultancy career to introduce the firm to several blue-chip clients that might be able to benefit.

The appointment comes just a few weeks after Room Shield signed a strategic partnership with Ezisan to use Surface Shield in all the company’s nano fog dispensers.

“I have to be really excited about an innovation or product and John and Kevin definitely sold a compelling story about their venture and the massive potential it has,” explained Taylor, who has delivered presentations to hundreds of corporates in 43 different countries.

“HOCL is a water-based hypochlorous disinfectant formula that kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses and can be used in all environments, including bars, food preparation areas, restaurants, gyms, hotels, transport, schools and workplaces.”

He continued: “What Room Shield has done successfully is found a way of bringing a fully accessible range of products to the general public, and this unique market position is something we plan to capitalise on with distributors and strategic partnerships like the Ezisan deal.

“My main role will be to use all my experience with building brands to find a way where we can place the customer at the centre of the Surface Shield story. This is going very well and something we will look to ramp up in the coming months.”

By increasing the shelf life of its HOCL formula, Room Shield has made the sanitising solution accessible to all.

Approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it will protect against bacteria and viruses and, importantly, will help prevent the dermatological issues that can arise from using too much hand sanitiser that has alcohol or sensitising chemicals present.

The strategic deal with Ezisan is a major breakthrough and will see Surface Shield used in all of its nano fog dispensers that are already being used at events, in hotels and places of work, including at the BBC in London.

“The aesthetically pleasing unit is an easy-to-use, no touch solution that can sanitise a person’s hands, mobile phones, hotel key and credit cards in seconds,” added Parr, Co-founder of Room Shield.

“Ezisan has exclusively agreed to use our HOCL formula in all of its dispensers, predominantly due to its cleaning performance and the fact it leaves no residue or liquid behind. It’s also very cost effective, with 1.5 litres of our solution able to sanitise up to 10,000 people.”

Rob Searle, Director of Ezisan, added his support: “When we researched the performance of the various solutions available, Surface Shield was identified as the fastest, safest, and most effective product available.

“Our orb units are design and manufactured in the UK, so it’s great to be able to have a fellow UK company as our exclusive partner on the project. There’s lots of interest in our system, which automatically activates, can be desk or floor mounted and ensures no drips or splashes that you sometimes get with gels/liquids.”

Parr concluded: “2022 has got off to a great start, with the Ezisan deal and Hamish Taylor joining us a board advisor, which is a real coup for us.

“We’ve got first market advantage and there is nobody better to help us create a compelling customer story that will help drive demand for Surface Shield both in the short and long-term.

“There’s a multi-million pound opportunity out there, but we need to educate, educate and educate. If we get this right, growth is exponential and will result in many new UK jobs.”


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