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Satino by WEPA launches recycled cardboard range of hygiene papers

Hygiene specialist Satino by WEPA has launched its innovative new PureSoft range, made from 100 per cent recycled corrugated cardboard. The new range, which includes toilet tissue, kitchen rolls and hand towels, boasts a carbon footprint 70per cent less than that of virgin fibre production. It also omits the bleaching process for a more natural-looking paper.

Sustainable production

Satino by WEPA has been heavily investing in sustainability research since 2013 as it seeks to minimise its use of virgin fibres. Its newfound production method involves recycling corrugated cardboard – a widely untapped resource – into soft, hygienic paper. This method reduces energy and water requirements across each phase of production and helps to keep valuable fibres within the material cycle.

Eliminating the bleaching process in its production enhances the product’s uniquely natural finish, visibly echoing Satino by WEPA’s commitment to sustainability, with the bleach-free process also boasting heightened environmental benefits. The range, which includes toilet tissue and kitchen roll, is safe in all cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation applications. It is available in standard and industrial ‘jumbo’ sizes.

Innovative fibres

The surge in online shopping has led to a high volume of cardboard packaging production. Now, the PureSoft range capitalises on cardboard waste by repurposing it through an innovative recycling process to create soft and hygienic papers whilst helping conserve invaluable natural resources. It sees the manufacturer tapping into a widely unused source stream that dramatically improves its circular economy.

Uncompromised softness

Whilst sustainability is at the core of the product, its innovative production method ensures its quality is uncompromised. PureSoft is one of the softest natural-coloured papers on the market, with the same absorbent qualities as luxury, cellulose-made papers. PureSoft is dermatologically tested, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. The IPSOS Consumer Study PIU 2021 saw 84 per cent of respondents rate the product “very soft” and 78 per cent reacting positively to its natural colouring.

Alasdair Sharp, UKI Head of Sales AFH said: “PureSoft is a milestone discovery for both the consumer and the planet. To be able to tap into what is a very large unused source stream to make a highly sustainable product without compromising on hygiene and softness is extremely important. It represents the cornerstone of the WEPA Future Fibre Strategy as we continue to invest in recycled and alternative fibres and protect the environment throughout our manufacturing process.”

Product specifications

The range is made up of:

  • PureSoft toilet paper: Especially soft, comfortable, and absorbent thanks to its three layers. PureSoft toilet paper is available in small rolls as well as 2-ply jumbo rolls measuring either 180m or 380m.
  • PureSoft kitchen rolls: High-performance 3-ply quality, absorbent and food-safe.
  • PureSoft towel paper: Pleasantly soft and absorbent, the 2-ply towel paper is available in Z, W and V folds.
  • PureSoft towel roll: A classic towel roll in a soft, absorbent 2-ply design, measuring at 170m in length.
  • PureSoft Centrefeed towel paper: Pleasantly soft and absorbent, this 2-ply towel paper is designed for inside unrolling, 150m in length.

PureSoft comes in resource-saving foil packaging for optimal handling protection during transport and safe storage. The foil is produced from 60 per cent recycled post-consumer recyclate and is 100 per cent recyclable, further adding to the range’s circular attributes.

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