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Majority of Brits won’t visit eateries without visible safety and hygiene measures in place

Seven out of 10 UK adults would avoid visiting eateries if their first impression didn’t make them feel safe, according to a new study. In research commissioned by specialist hygiene services provider Citron Hygiene, 67 per cent of UK adults ...

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15,000 restaurants found unhygienic for customers

Going out to eat at a restaurant is something most people associate with fond memories- good food, a change of scenery from eating at home, and mostly happy social experiences with family and friends. However, following recent news that 15,000 ...

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Dishwasher downtime is having an impact on UK restaurants

UK restaurants are experiencing efficiency issues as a direct result of equipment downtime, impacting operations, customer experience and reputation. A survey of 100 restaurant workers found that dishwashers are one of the main culprits, with half suffering a breakdown at ...

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P&G Professional survey reveals 85% of customers consider cleanliness equal to food quality

New research on customers’ hospitality experiences commissioned by P&G Professional (the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble [P&G]), shows hotels and restaurants could increase revenue if they improved their hygiene standards. Cleanliness, often overlooked by business owners in the flurry of keeping up ...

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