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The future of cleaning: probiotics and robots

The 99.9% killing chemical household cleaning products found in most homes will be no more by 2060, according to a futurologist who is known for predicting the invention of the text message.

The futurologist also predicts robots that look like R2D2 and clean will become commonplace in homes by 2040.

Commissioned by We are Probiotic, Dr Ian Pearson, states that as the world starts to change existing habits because of the impact of Covid-19, probiotics will start to replace chemicals as everyday cleaners.

Dr Pearson explained: “Chemical cleaners are not only bad for the environment but also for your health. Everyday use of them can result in the chemical fumes having a serious impact on your body. As the environmentally and health conscious generations start to grow up and become homeowners, we will start to see chemical cleaners substituted out slowly, by 2030 we will see a 50% reduction in the use of chemical cleaners and by 2060 they will become obsolete.

“Stats show that as a result of Covid-19, people have become terrified of harmful bacteria and this is where introducing good bacteria into our everyday lives will become ever more commonplace. Probiotics, therefore, will become the future of cleaning.”

We Are Probiotic Co-founder, Samantha Kitchen, said: “Dr Pearson’s findings make for extremely interesting reading. The reason we initially started brewing and selling probiotic cleaners is that we were becoming increasingly concerned by the effects of chemical cleaners that are found and used in most homes and businesses.

“People feel like they feel safe using chemicals, but in reality the results don’t match what is advertised on their bottles. A 99.9% kill rate means that it kills many bacteria on the surface, but it doesn’t include the biofilm which acts like a protective shield against chemical cleaners.

“If you are killing 99.9% and you leave that 0.01% of harmful bacteria on your surface, it will begin to replicate seconds after application, doubling every 21 minutes. Just 24 hours after ‘cleaning’ there will be trillions of bad bacteria all over your surfaces once again.”

The future of cleaning, probiotics, is a solution We Are Probiotic landed upon following months of research. Probiotics are natural organisms that are also referred to as “good bacteria” or “helpful bacteria”. They are a vital component to nature and to immune systems and are nature’s recyclers, breaking down matter to its basic biological structure and outcompeting the bad bacteria.

Kitchen continued: “Probiotics feed on grime, dust mite waste, allergens and organic matter. The incredible thing is they carry on doing this for three days after application and the more you use them, the more they will dominate your home, leaving no room for pathogens, allergens and other nasties to feed and multiply.”

Dr Pearson has also predicted that robotic cleaners that will look similar to Star Wars character R2D2 will become more commonplace in homes and offices by 2040.

He said: “Robots that spray probiotics on to surfaces around your home will become the norm in 20 years.

“They will come with the benefit of ‘seeing’ bacteria and treating the area using a spraying or fogging function. In addition, the robots make for more sustainable cleaning as they will use the exact amount of probiotics necessary to clean an area” he concludes.

Dr Pearson, who has made hundreds of correct and notable predictions throughout his career also states that as we become more environmentally conscious and realise the benefits of using probiotics, consumers will start brewing their own at home by 2035.

The futurologist also has a stark warning if consumers continue to use chemical cleaners. “If chemical cleaners continue to be part of our future, by 2090 we would reach a point where everything inside our homes and offices is sterile, we will have made our homes completely bacteria free as our fear of bad and harmful bacteria grows through time.

“This would have an impact on our immune system as we would not be able to cope with bacteria that we come into contact with outside our homes leading to potential health implications. However, given the fact that probiotics will be the future of cleaning, this scenario is unlikely to happen” Dr Pearson concluded.

We Are Probiotic have now helped to give life to more than 1 trillion probiotics and also became the first completely Earth Beneficial cleaning range, going beyond eco-friendly and actually bettering the planet with refillable bottles, carbon neutral production, beneficial bacteria and 100% natural ingredients that are indispensable to peoples’ health and the environment.

The probiotic experts are currently working with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) completing multiple tests to further prove how well probiotics can clean and help the environment in doing so.

Over the next year multiple studies will take place looking into the properties and efficacy of probiotics on surfaces, the studies will produce a range of results which We Are Probiotic believe will help further increase the switch consumers will take from chemical cleaners to probiotics.


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