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The power of data for cleaning service providers

Cleaning software specialist, Clenetix, has launched a new white paper, ‘Data: Demonstrating the power of cleaning’, which examines how the Coronavirus has brought the cleaning sector to the forefront and how cleaning providers can use data not only to demonstrate their professionalism but also improve numerous areas that are growing in strategic importance.

Historically, the pervading view of cleaning is that it is a low-skilled, non-core service, which has left it at the mercy of procurement teams eager to cut costs. However, according to Clenetix this view “could not be more incorrect”, adding “cleaning is now mission-critical and demonstrating its value in a way that feels unprecedented”. Cleaners are now categorised as key workers, risking their lives to keep public and private spaces clean and the virus at bay while the vast majority of workers stay at home.

The paper looks at how the cleaning industry is eager to embrace technology and how it must learn to walk before it can run. It provides a view on how cleaning service providers can measure what they do and where they do it and discusses how effective analysis of data can help organisations elevate cleaning, transforming it from a commoditised and much-maligned service into a critical service that supports organisations in myriad ways.

Mark Hazelwood, Co-founder, Clenetix said: “The pandemic has encouraged organisations to rethink how they implement cleaning services. It has been well reported that hygiene and cleanliness have a significant impact on employee health, wellbeing and productivity.

“Building occupants need reassurances that the spaces they live and work in are safe. But to demonstrate the power of cleaning, cleaning providers need to do more than just make their cleaning teams visible.”

Peter Stock, Co-founder of Clenetix commented: “The cleaning industry now has a significant opportunity to demonstrate its value and the importance of a professional cleaning service. Cleaning teams can build a more solid business case and show client organisations the ways in which they can support and enhance business objectives, whether that’s keeping buildings virus-free or improving the long-term health and wellbeing of staff. Clenetix gives the industry access to the data it needs to showcase its true value.”

To download a copy of “Data: Demonstrating the power of cleaning”, click here.

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