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TASKI IntelliSpray wins ISSA Innovation of the Year award

IntelliSpray technology, developed by TASKI, has beaten out a field of highly innovative competition to win the ISSA Innovation of the Year and Most Innovative Equipment awards.

Chosen by cleaning professionals around the world, these prestigious accolades were awarded at the ISSA North America exhibition and conference on 19 November, after over two months of voting that considered criteria including impact, practicality, sustainability, profitability and originality.

As a fully integrated solution, TASKI IntelliSpray allows facilities to scrub floors and disinfect them in a single pass, achieving new standards in hygiene.

The 20-litre tank of disinfectant disperses a fine, 60-micron mist through five nozzles. Three of these nozzles cover a wide-angle area behind the machine, disinfecting freshly scrubbed floors, while two side mounted sprays can be used for furniture and vertical surfaces.

Additionally, the system comes with a manual spray option. This allows operators to perform precise disinfection, wherever it is required along their route, without the need to go and get additional supplies.

Marcel Muller, Global Marketing Director Floorcare Machines at TASKI said: “Innovation is about finding new and better ways of doing things. Our IntelliSpray system provides facilities with a single solution that maximises their cleaning and disinfecting efforts without increasing the time it takes to achieve those results.

“Winning these awards are not only a reflection of the IntelliSpray system, its innovation and results, but also of TAKSI. Innovation is as core to the products we create as the colour orange is to how they look. To have been nominated by ISSA is rewarding for us, especially alongside such other great innovations. But these awards are voted for by our commercial colleagues and that speaks to how much IntelliSpray innovates and resonates with the needs of all facilities.

“TASKI swingo and IntelliSpray, the ultimate cleaning machine, now with award winning integrated disinfection.”

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has over 9,000 members and each year stages the ISSA North America exhibition and conference. This conference is the leading platform for interaction between manufacturers, distributors, and facility service providers. This year saw the event being held virtually to allow maximum participation, without risk.

A core part of the show for over a decade has been the Innovation Program that highlights the latest industry developments. With a focus on innovation, there is also a set of annual innovation awards. This year, nominations were put to the industry and voting took place from the start of September until mid-November. Respondents from every part of the industry vote on each of the innovation categories (Cleaning Agents, Dispensers, Equipment, Services and Technology, Supplies and Accessories) as well as the overall award.

TASKI has developed and delivered innovative technology for over 60 years. For business that want the highest quality, design and reliability, TASKI provides products and services that deliver the ultimate hygiene result.


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