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Tidy Green Clean achieves Carbon Negative status

Tidy Green Clean, a leading environmentally friendly commercial cleaning business that operates on a franchise model with headquarters in Aberdeen, has achieved Carbon Negative status, after working with sustainability and energy consultancy, Carbon-Zero.

Tidy Green Clean already operates to global environmental standard, ISO 14001, which underpins its entire philosophy to invest in smart green cleaning technology, use less water, employ eco-friendly products and cleaning agents throughout their business.

Carbon Negative status means that the sum of its entire business operations goes significantly beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions. The benefit is that this means there is less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result.

David Moncur, Co-Founder and Operations Director of Tidy Green Clean, said: “To be the first commercial cleaning business in Scotland to achieve Carbon Negative status is more than we ever expected. Our whole business operates around an environmental, people-focused model. We value local communities and want to do all that we can to support people and the environment wherever we operate. Achieving Carbon Negative status is a phenomenal achievement and it’s come through an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, as we go. We would like to thank Brian Johnstone and team at Carbon-Zero for all their advice, support and focus in helping us to come to this position and it’s something we intend to maintain.”

Tidy Green Clean has switched a number of its cars to electric and uses suppliers who have done the same, use i-Mops that require very little water, and as part of the Carbon Negative achievement, will be buying carbon credits through Carbon-Zero’s guided Carbon Offsetting programme partner, to ensure that its contributions remain effect. The projects on offer are high impact and innovative carbon management solutions designed to make a difference both at a local level and in a global setting.

Brian Johnstone from Carbon Zero UK said: “We are delighted to work with the Tidy Green Clean team in addressing their carbon emissions and congratulate them on supporting carbon reducing projects around the world to become a Carbon Negative business “

Moncur added: “Our business is growing substantially, and we are never complacent in the high standards we set ourselves. Our very name demonstrates a commitment to the environment and Carbon-Zero’s carbon offsetting programmes work with local communities around the world to improve their environments and reduce carbon emissions substantially. This resonates significantly with the way we operate and we would like to encourage as many local businesses as possible to follow suit. There is a substantial business case to be heard for taking our approach and if any business owners would like to talk to me about this, I would warmly invite them to do so.”

Tidy Green Clean has already announced it had exceptional growth during the first half of 2021, establishing another two franchises in Edinburgh, and Highlands & Moray.


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