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UK firm donates self-cleaning touch pads to local Primary School

SDA Systems based in North Manchester has donated and installed innovative self-cleaning touch pads at local school, Littlemoor primary. The company retail the products, aimed at assisting in the fight in the current pandemic and finished the installation before pupils returned from the recent break. The Manchester based company placed the antimicrobial cleaning surfaces on all touch points throughout the school including entrances and internal doors.

The stick-on surfaces contain silver-ion technology proven in laboratories to remove contaminants and viruses within minutes of contact.

Since launching, SDA Cleanzone have been working around the clock to bring as many touch surfaces to production to meet the demand. The technology is being used in a wide range of settings including universities, offices and laboratories.

“We’re truly grateful to every teacher and member of staff working in schools during the pandemic. We believe the virus is not going away soon so we need to interrupt transmission as much as possible. Having children ourselves, we understand the importance that schools play in allowing life to continue as normal as possible. With Littlemoor Primary school being in our local community, we decided to donate and install the self-cleaning surfaces to help stop the spread. The idea is that using our continuously cleaning surfaces alongside a regular cleaning protocol will create a safer environment for both staff and pupils.” commented Managing Director Adam Beaumont.


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