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Whiz disinfection add-on unit now available across EMEA

Whiz by SoftBank Robotics is a collaborative robot (cobot) globally meeting the growing cleaning demands of the pandemic. Whiz is a simple to use and reliable self-driving vacuum designed to work alongside commercial cleaning teams, taking over repetitive, heavy-duty vacuuming of large areas of flooring.

Gambit, a bio-decontamination spray system developed by Avalon SteriTech, has been designed specifically to bolt on to Whiz and leverage Whiz’s autonomous operation to disinfect commercial space. An Asia Consumer Confidence Index[1] found that employees and consumers are highly concerned about their wellbeing and protecting themselves and families against invisible bacteria and hidden germs. As such, SoftBank Robotics says the introduction of Gambit enables “consistent and strong disinfection performance that helps alleviate anxieties of the general public, guests and employees by complementing cleaning and disinfection protocols in commercial spaces”.

Certified by SGS (a leading testing, inspection and certification company) Whiz Gambit ensures that the efficiency and efficacy of cleaning and disinfection can be maximised, with 2-in-1 disinfection and vacuum cleaning technology.

Stefano Bensi, General Manager at SoftBank Robotics EMEA, said: “We’re seeing a real surge in demand for Whiz amongst FM providers and cleaning contractors across the whole region as people return to their workspaces. Clients are facing huge pressure to deliver improved cleaning performance, comfort and consistency and Whiz has a big part to play in this. For those clients wishing to take this focus on hygiene even further, there is now a cobotic solution for decontaminant spraying.”

Lewis Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Avalon SteriTech said: “While the risks Covid-19 poses continue to evolve, returning to the commercial space can be protected by strong and scientific cleaning and disinfection practices. After the successful launch of Whiz Gambit in APAC, we are proud to expand our footprint in international markets alongside SoftBank Robotics, who share our mission to safeguard people’s health through smart cleaning and bio-decontamination. Preventing the spread of virus, Whiz Gambit will help businesses to thrive through current challenges, setting the stage for successful comebacks.”


[1] The survey was conducted by Avalon through Ipsos’ survey of 2,100 respondents across Hong Kong and Singapore.

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