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A new approach to window cleaning

Robotic Cleaning Systems (RCS), a new start-up company with the latest robotic equipment is now carrying out cleaning assignments throughout the UK.

Working at height is one of the most dangerous occupations, accounting for the most frequent cause of accidents in the workplace with more than 28 per cent of deaths and a further listed 43,000 non-fatal accidents caused by working at height, according to HSE.

These staggering figures prompted RCS to look for a new solution to deep clean large commercial premises.

This system:

➡ Uses no chemicals.

➡ Can be safely operated from the roof or ground.

➡ Uses a mobile counterweight system that requires no structural changes to the building.

➡ Is non-invasive to the privacy of the occupants of the building.

Dan Perryment, the MD of RCS, said: “Our cleaning system is already being used successfully in The United States, Dubai, and New Zealand.

“RCS has carried out substantial research and development around the world to find a better answer than lowering men in cradles or having them abseil down the exterior of a building with a bucket of soapy suds fastened to their belt.

“We are also working with engineers specialising in modern robotics and AI to continue to progress and innovate this concept and provide answers for all our clients regardless of the complexity of new builds, and this is an ongoing process of improved development.

As fast as we clean these high-rise buildings, they start to get dirty again, but we have developed methodologies that will allow greater periods between cleans than any of the standard methods in use today.”

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