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Banish bacteria and viruses with dual approach to washroom hygiene

Washrooms are a hotbed for viruses and bacteria if robust hygiene practices are not in place. Sterillo’s innovation expert, Steve Levy, tells us why it’s important to adopt a dual approach to washroom hygiene to curb the spread of germs

With winter fast approaching, Covid cases on the rise, and viruses like influenza expected to hit record highs, it’s more important than ever that we do all we can to keep our spaces clean and hygienic.

The washroom is a key environment for potential germ and virus spread. From taps and soap dispensers, to flush handles and door locks, there are multiple bacteria-ridden touch points to contend with. And the risks could easily spiral out of control if adequate hygiene measures aren’t upheld.

Both Covid and winter viruses are primarily transmitted by inhaling airborne droplets or touching infected surfaces. This is why a dual approach to washroom cleanliness, which combines air sterilisation and hand hygiene, is vital to help reduce the threat of major outbreaks this winter.

Don’t wash your hands of effective hand hygiene

Since Covid arrived on our shores, we’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of good hand hygiene. Before the pandemic only 20% of people took the time to wash their hands for long enough, with many not using soap at all.

And even those who washed adequately often failed to dry their hands correctly. You might be wondering why this matters. But if you skip the dryer in favour of a quick wipe of the hands across your germ-ridden jeans or coat, you are doing yourself – and others – a disservice.

Damp hands are a thousand times more likely to spread germs than dry hands. So even if you are washing with soap for at least 20 seconds, you will undo all your good work if you don’t dry them properly.

Taking the time to thoroughly dry your hands after washing is a crucial part of the process according to clear guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and NHS.

Transmission of communicable diseases, germs and bacteria can all be reduced if we take hand hygiene seriously. And this means not ignoring the hand dryer in our haste to leave the washroom.

There’s something in the air

It’s not just the risk of infection posed by touching contaminated surfaces that we need to be aware of. The very air we breathe brings risks too. This is especially true of small washrooms with poor ventilation.

Covid is airborne, and many other infections are picked up from breathing in microscopic droplets containing the virus. Even if your surface cleaning strategy is rigorous, airborne viruses are still a threat. This is why air sterilisation is key to curbing the spread and keeping us all safe.

Time to double down

A resilient combination of hand hygiene and air sterilisation can help keep transmission at bay. The Sterillo DUO is the most hygienic hand dryer available and it is the only drying unit in the world capable of killing viruses, including Covid-19.

Hands are dried rapidly and efficiently while our state-of-the-art air sterilisation technology kills 99.9% of all airborne germs. Air is drawn into the mirrored killing chamber where it is sterilised with UVC light rays. The Sterillo DUO then recirculates clean air, leaving germs unable to multiply and spread.

The technology has been extensively tested at the UK Government’s Public Health England labs at Porton Down, with tests proving the Sterillo DUO kills 98.9% of germs within the first hour. It then continuously sterilises the air, up to ten times per hour.

This dual approach to washroom hygiene strengthens your defence against surface and airborne contaminants, helping to reduce the spread of Covid and winter viruses.

For further information on Sterillo technology, visit https://www.handydryers.co.uk/sterillo.html

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