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Left to right: EcoTech’s three new majority shareholders (Andy Gregory, Ashleigh Brownhill and Jason Lippitt)

EcoTech: A new era focused on ethics, sustainability, and growth

Coventry-based EcoTech (Europe), one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of cleaning solutions, has completed a Share Purchase Agreement as the business ushers in a new era of innovation, driven by a new leadership team with plans to double in size.

The deal sees Ashleigh Brownhill, Andy Gregory and Jason Lippitt become directors and majority shareholders in the business.

It marks a positive transition for EcoTech as the business seeks to underline its commitment to ethics, sustainability, and growth, while reinforcing its position as dedicated to tackling challenges such as plastic waste.

Having recently returned from maternity leave, Ashleigh Brownhill will lead EcoTech’s commercial operations, carrying forward the torch of innovation and sustainability from her father Paul Brownhill who is retiring from the business but will retain a minority shareholding.

Ashleigh said: “This transition marks an exciting chapter for EcoTech as we embark on a journey to redefine our industry with a strong focus on ethics, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions.

“We are dedicated to providing alternatives to plastic and empowering customers to make a positive impact on the environment. I am honoured to take over the reins from my father, Paul, who has been at the helm of EcoTech for over 25 years and to lead the business into a new era of innovation.”

Andy Gregory, newly appointed CFO of EcoTech, said: “We are thrilled to join EcoTech in this exciting phase of its evolution. The board has access to significant capital to invest into R&D and potential acquisitions.

“In an environment where hygiene and cleaning is more important than ever before, post-Covid, and with the planet needing us to produce more sustainable and ethical products, this new board is ready to for the challenge that others are ignoring.”

The company is committed to helping customers eliminate unnecessary materials, while responsibly utilising existing inventory. By prioritising an ethical supply chain, EcoTech will reduce its carbon footprint and embrace sustainability.

EcoTech is already actively engaged in research and development, striving to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic and pioneering the use of natural and compostable products.

As the transition unfolds, EcoTech’s vision extends beyond growth and sustainability. The company aims to foster stronger relationships with customers, maintaining a personal touch and providing dedicated support. With state-of-the-art facilities and a resolute investment readiness, EcoTech is poised to be agile, innovative, and responsive to market needs.

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