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The partnership has enabled Flight Club to meet environmental goals with switch to eco cleaning products

Flight Club reaches new heights in partnership with Sybron

Flight Club and its cleaning and hygiene partner Sybron, celebrated their first year of partnership in March 2023. As Flight Club’s parent company, Red Engine, renews its contract with Sybron, significant benefits have been identified from their collaboration including 15 per cent cost savings, zero stress, and 100 per cent confidence!

The first contract which was signed in March 2022 was fully mobilised in under four weeks.

Flight Club opened the oche at its first social darts venue in Shoreditch in 2015. Today, Flight Club has grown to 13 venues across the UK, with two more planned by 2023 year-end.

When David Piazzani joined Red Engine as Purchasing Manager in October 2021, it quickly became apparent that one of his first tasks was to review the supply of consumables for cleaning and hygiene at the Flight Club sites.

He explained: “The then supplier of all the cleaning, hygiene and ancillary products caused me and our Flight Club managers a lot of stress and anxiety every day.

“With no after-sales service and a poor response to issues and problems, we started to look for a company we could develop a real partnership with. We knew that there must be a better supplier out there with more sustainable solutions, plus the attention to detail, pro-active approach and willingness to be a real business partner to us.”

The solution

When Piazzani met Sybron he knew immediately that they were the right partner. Hygiene Service Partner, Sybron, provides products such as cleaning and disinfectants, hand towels and toilet paper, as well as janitorial supplies including sponges, mops and brooms to all the Flight Club venues.

However, it is the Sybron ethos of differentiation through a seamless service that has delivered the bullseye for Flight Club.

Piazzani commented: “Being a buyer can sometimes be very frustrating because everyone offers you the same thing over and over again. Sybron take a completely different approach.”

The Sybron approach includes, regular communication with an open and honest dialogue, dealing directly with venue managers and ensuring problems and issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Piazzani continued: “Usually, Sybron has presented us with the solution before the problem arises. That’s because Sybron is totally aligned and integrated with our business. This gives me and the Flight Club team the confidence that someone is thinking on our behalf.

“Having a partner that understands the nature of our business means that I don’t have to repeat or re-explain anything. We discuss it once and it is done.”

As a result of its partnership with Sybron Flight Club bagged a cost saving of 15 per cent across all its sites.

But as Piazzani added: “We have saved a lot of money, but to me the cost is secondary to the service. A good price is pointless without the service. Sybron delivers zero stress and the fact that I have 100 per cent confidence is equally valuable.

“When I find a partner like Sybron, it makes my life easy. Now they are completely symbiotic with us in terms of growth and are completely integrated into our operations for the opening of a new venue. I am not even a part of it anymore, it just happens automatically. I don’t have to be the middle-man as with many suppliers. It is a dream partnership.”

Speaking about the partnership, Brad Henwood, Director of Operations at Sybron said: “Of course, service is a big part of our business.We are completely focused on both solving any problems promptly, but also on working to make sure there are no glitches or setbacks in the first place.

“That has always been our take on business. We see every contract as a joint partnership where we help both businesses move forward and grow. That does not happen by being reactive, so we differentiate ourselves by a wholly proactive and integrated approach.

“It is thanks to our team that we have created the synergy with Flight Club, particularly our colleagues in the office and our drivers. Our ethos resonates across the whole company – our customers are our partners, and they have a name rather than a number.”

Sustainable growth

Flight Club has doubled its estate for venues in over three years and by the end of 2023 will have 15 locations, including the first site to open in Scotland.

Piazzani concluded: “With such massive growth, some things can get a bit lost. The partnership with Sybron has enabled us to meet our environmental goals to switch to eco cleaning products.

“Moving such a big ship over to using solely sustainable products is not something that can happen overnight. However, thanks to its proactive attitude and breadth of product range, Sybron is working with us to reach our aim – to move to all eco-cleaning and hygiene solutions by the end of 2023.

“We see this partnership as a joint venture. Long term, we would like to consolidate more and create more fluidity with Sybron that will allow us to grow. Their seamless service gives us the platform to achieve this. All our teams have total confidence in Sybron.”


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