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Four ways that the right cleaning wipe can benefit your business in a new normal cleaning environment

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing us in so many ways — one of the most noticeable being our definition of cleanliness. Our perceptions have changed from aesthetically cleaning to clinically cleaning. We’re no longer just worried about the dirt we can see; we’re guarding against a highly contagious virus, as well as all the invisible germs we’ve always tried to clean. As companies and businesses transition their cleaning routines, the ways we clean, disinfect and sanitise must not only change to help protect staff but to help businesses work efficiently.

The ongoing pandemic has educated us about cleaning products and how we should be using them properly. Cleaning products that meet the required standards are available for all industry sectors and each offers a range of unique benefits so it’s important to understand the difference and also to identify if they don’t meet these standards. The type of wipes a business uses can have a positive impact on the quality of its services provided and the safety of its working environment. Not only does choosing the ideal wipe for your job ensure everything is cleaned properly with the right materials and chemicals, but it also helps contribute to a healthy and productive workforce.

Here are four reasons how the right cleaning product can help benefit your business in a new cleaning environment.

1. Staff health and wellbeing

Every person in a workplace environment touches doorknobs, printer buttons, microwaves, and other shared items. The dirt and germs on these sorts of items can increase the risk of an illness, leaving businesses with one or more employees absent. Reducing the risk of

preventable workplace illnesses will directly decrease the number of sick days employees take, proving that the right cleaning wipe will make an immense difference for staff wellbeing.

2. Reduce Costs

Cleaning budgets can also be limited, so it is key to make rational decisions when you purchase your wiping products. Although premium wipes may appear to be more expensive, they often provide multiple factors which help to cut cleaning costs.

Not knowing the longevity of the wipe being used is a common issue in many industries. There are many types of wiping cloths that are reusable or machine washable for a longer-lasting solution that is treated as single-use wipes and therefore is in fact adding costs rather than reducing it which can be easily remedied through training.

3. Avoid Cross-Contamination

When selecting a wipe, you’ll need to ensure it meets all necessary standards and be confident so that surfaces are properly clean. By establishing a colour-coded cleaning system, this will assist with cross-contamination prevention and creates a more segregated cleaning solution to limit bacteria and viruses from spreading from one area to another. When using a wipe for an extended period of time there are also wipes that can help inhibit the growth of bacteria on the wipe itself.

4. Business Efficiency

Investing in the right wipe is a simple way to maximise cleaning speed and efficiency across your organisation. In addition, a higher quality wipe is important for completing operations more swiftly and boosting productivity.

A properly selected wipe is more reliable, accessible, and easy to use in all situations. The right wiping solution makes cleaning processes more effective and maintains cleanliness for longer, with less residue or fibres after use.

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