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How to determine which floor cleaning machine is best for the task at hand

Modern floor cleaning machines are as versatile as they are powerful. This is why they are often used within challenging commercial and industrial environments. They provide users with numerous options and they are able to deal with even the most daunting situations.

Having said this, do you know how to choose the right configuration for a specific environment? CL Floor Care takes a quick look at some of the variables that you will need to take into account to address the task at hand.

The Size of the Area to be Cleaned 
This should be the most obvious concern, as smaller units might not be able to tackle massive spaces. It is always important to determine the dimensions of the area in question and to make sure that the floor cleaning machine is capable of addressing the space within a timely fashion. If not, it might be a good idea to upgrade to a larger version.

The Type of Surface
Different surfaces will often require different cleaning methods. For example, an old hardwood floor might be damaged if certain types of scrubber heads. Marble and specific types of stone could be impacted by the presence of solvents within the cleaning fluid.

Even the weight of the machine needs to be taken into account; particularly when dealing with upper floors or if the building is extremely old.

Note the mechanical guidelines of the floor sweeper by reading the owner’s manual or by contacting the distributor and speaking with a trained technician.

Finally, keep in mind that some machines might be specifically designed for indoor use while others are adapted to suit both indoor and outdoor environments.

The Control Mechanism
Major suppliers of floor cleaning machines will often provide units that are operated in a number of ways. The two most common configurations are:

  • Walk-behind units
  • Ride-on cleaning machines

This should likewise be taken into account when choosing the right unit for the location at hand. Ride-on units can be great when dealing with large spaces although some designs may encounter difficulties when navigating tighter areas (such as the entrance to a stairwell).

In this case, it could be better to select a walk-behind unit if you are looking for an additional level of hands-on control. We should also note that storing the unit needs to be addressed, as you will be required to possess adequate space in order to prevent the machine from being accidentally damaged.

It is always important to keep the variables mentioned above in mind when selecting the best type of floor cleaning machine for your needs.

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