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Initial Washroom Hygiene launches Initial Essence

Initial Washroom Hygiene has launched Initial Essence, a state-of-the-art air freshener designed to provide long-lasting fragrance delivery for washrooms.

Utilising state-of-the-art oxygen fuel cell technology, Initial Essence delivers reliable, consistent, and continuous air fragrancing, setting it apart from gravity and passive systems or aerosols, which have significant gaps between sprays.

How does this air care technology work?

An oxygen generator releases a precise dose of oxygen continuously. The fragrance pouch is squeezed automatically to displace a measured fragrance dose onto a cellulose pad, and the pure fragrance is released into the room.

Four premium air care fragrances containing odour-eliminating neutra-lox

Available in four distinct fragrances, each contains Neutra-lox; an odour-eliminating ingredient which is extremely effective against the smell of urine, faeces, body odour, tobacco, pet malodors, kitchen odours, mould, mildew, and more. The four Initial Essence fragrances:

  • Adore: A sophisticated fragrance that combines fresh apple notes with amber and spices.

  • Elate: A designer fruity, floral fragrance with musk notes.

  • Spring: Intense flora notes of ylang, lavender and geranium with hints of fresh cologne and lemon.

  • Neutra-lox: A high concentration of Neutra-lox, with just a hint of lemongrass fragrance – the ideal choice for areas where strong fragrance is not desired.

Key features and benefits for businesses

Initial Essence delivers a steady stream of fragrance, maintaining optimal freshness throughout the day. The fragrance cartridge is highly concentrated, containing up to four times the amount of fragrance oil compared to metered aerosols. What’s more, with its large coverage area of 170m³, Initial Essence reduces the need for multiple units in medium to large washrooms, providing effective fragrancing wherever it’s needed.

The sleek, white, stylish design complements any washroom decor effortlessly. The unit is battery-powered, so does not require a separate power source. Its eco-friendly design features 100 per cent recyclable fragrance cartridges and a battery that lasts up to a year.

Initial Essence is free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), added volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and propellants, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to standard aerosol technology. Its fragrance cartridges are also fully recyclable.

With 90 per cent of people having encountered unpleasant smells in public washrooms, and 77 per cent reporting that the state of a washroom influences their perception of a business, according to Initial, State of Air Care Report, 2017,  there is a real need for an effective air solution in washrooms.

Sian Walkling, Head of Marketing, Initial Washroom Hygiene commented: “The launch of Initial Essence is a fantastic opportunity for businesses aiming to enhance their customer experience. 

“Previous research* has shown that over three-quarters (77 per cent) of consumers’ perceptions of a business are influenced by the state of their washrooms, so maintaining a pleasant washroom environment is vital to protecting both business reputation and bottom lines.” 

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