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Highlands announces sales partnership with Sanni Bin

Highlands has announced it is now representing Sanni Bin. Based in Ireland, Sanni Bin is an eco-friendly, fully sustainable, flat-pack solution that is poised to revolutionise feminine hygiene sanitary waste disposal. Highlands will serve as Sanni Bin’s sales agency to help take this exciting new brand to market across Europe.

Sanni Bin is manufactured from 100 per cent biodegradable corrugated cardboard and ships efficiently in a flat box. This innovative product eliminates the need for conventional plastic PVC bins to be transported back to depots for energy-intensive cleaning off-site with water and chemicals. It also eliminates the need for service contracts, hands control back to the customer and dispenses with security concerns. This will contribute to a major reduction in requirements for service vehicles, reducing CO2 emissions and congestion. Ultimately, Sanni Bin aims to reduce waste, promote sustainability, prevent pollution, and maintain hygiene.

“Feminine hygiene is an important topic in today’s working environments. We’re proud to be representing this fantastic brand and looking forward to leveraging our extensive network to drive growth and success for Sanni Bin,” said Brian Garioch, Head of Sales Europe, Highlands. “Our expert and specialised Headquarter and Field Sales teams will work to gain placement and drive sales across European B2B distribution with a focus on Jan/San and Office channels.” 

“Sanni Bin is delighted to partner with Highlands who we see as a natural extension of our Sales and Marketing footprint and is an ideal complement to the Sanni Bin brand,” said Patrice Whelehan, Sales & Marketing Director, Natural Hygiene. “We look forward to working with the Highlands team to build brand awareness and drive sales across multiple markets.”


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