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Inivos launches new Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment

Infection prevention and control experts, Inivos, has launched its new Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment to identify and address contamination risks – including COVID-19.

The assessment is designed to help business leaders in any sector ensure that their workplace is COVID-secure and compliant, including companies in the Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail and Office & Business Space sectors.

It identifies risks for viral and bacterial spread across five main vectors – water, surfaces, air, people and food – and provides organisations with clear actions to help control the potential transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The evaluation includes a questionnaire as well as a full survey of the business environment, with an in-depth report delivered at completion. To enable business leaders to activate the service while maintaining social distancing measure, the entire service can be completed remotely by Zoom, Teams or Skype.

Inivos’ Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment takes as little as four hours depending on the scale of the business. Prices start at £599.

Tautvydas Karitonas, Head of Research and Development at Inivos, commented: “Although many businesses will have plans to manually deep-clean their workspaces, manual cleaning on its own is not enough to ensure an environment is COVID-secure. We know that conscientious business leaders will be looking for more robust measures to ensure a safe space for their workers, guests, and tenants.

“Based on our expertise in clinical decontamination and infection prevention, we’ve designed the Inivos Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment service to enable organisations of all sizes to understand which areas of their work environment pose the greatest risk of viral or bacterial transmission – and what steps are required to minimise or mitigate these risks.”

Inivos regularly decontaminate more than a third (41 per cent) of NHS hospitals with their innovative hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) and ultraviolet-C light (UV-C) technologies.




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