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Keeping your office environment clean during the Coronavirus

With new measures announced by the Government and Boris Johnson working on his ‘return to work procedure’ for the rest of the country, EverKleen Ltd, a Bristol based cleaning company shares its top tips for keeping your office environment safe and clean for returning employees. 

Tip 1: Look at your office layout
With a small number of businesses slowly returning to normality, and some employees trading their tracksuit bottoms for trousers, it’s important that social distancing measures of 2m are followed in your business environment. Being ‘buddies’ with the person next to you could start to look a little more distant and making your own cup of coffee could be the new norm. Take a look at your office feng shui, business owners and managers need to start working on a contingency plan to ensure the safety of their staff. A few things to think about: Does everyone need to be in the office at the same time? Could you look into an office rota? Do you use your work space to its full advantage? 

Tip 2: Stock up on supplies for your employees
Keep cleaning agents such as disinfectant wipes or sprays for desks and hand sanitiser in good supply for your employees, it’s a must! It’s said that 72 per cent of harmful bacteria lingers on keyboards and computer mice. Also try opening a window or two, this way you’ll be able to air out your office environment while getting some fresh air. 

Tip 3: The deep clean
An office deep clean is a sure fire way to ensure the safety of your staff. From vacuuming, to dusting to disinfecting all office, toilet, kitchen and communal areas before the return of your employees is a must! 

Craig Owen, Director at EverKleen Ltd said: “We are looking forward, as much as other businesses, for organisational routines to return to normal. It’s likely that businesses will return to a phased ‘normal’ sooner than we thought. At EverKleen, we wanted to share our tips to make returning to the new ‘normal’ much simpler.”

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