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Julius Rutherfoord & Co highlights security challenges in cleaning

Commercial cleaning specialist, Julius Rutherford & Co has highlighted the security challenges facing businesses, and the importance of systems and procedures to protect facilities being cleaned, in two new videos.

Security is an issue that every business, large and small, must take seriously to protect places, people and reputation. Figures indicate organisations are making significant investment in security, including protection against cyber-crime, with UK firms spending £1.8 billion a year.

External contractors, such as an organisation’s cleaning supplier, must put security vetting first. While the best cleaning contractors are championing progressive attitudes to safety, general levels of security vetting needs to be improved across the industry.

Caroline Hutchins, Operations Director at Julius Rutherfoord & Co said: “We know how important security is to our clients’ business and we make sure our staff, systems and technology ensure clients are in safe hands.

“To highlight just how meticulous our security procedures are, we’ve created these two short videos showcasing our staff vetting procedures and systems for security on our client sites. These, and a wide range of other security measures, set us apart from other cleaning providers.”

The videos: Staff vetting procedures (Video filmed at JR&Co’s Tramshed HQ) and Our systems for security on client sites (Video filmed at one of JR& Co’s clients’ premises – Spitfire www.spitfire.co.uk) can be viewed by clicking here.


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