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Tony Sullivan leads the NHS Deep Cleaning Advisory Service Team at the 2022 Commonwealth Game

NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service placed for growth following success at the Commonwealth Games

This summer, at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the team of 300 trained professionals from the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service (DCAS) along with its service delivery partner Wettons, managed and supplied cleaning services across high-capacity venues to NHS standards.

Professionally supervised and certified decontamination practices have now become a necessity at high-capacity venues. More people and organisations are now appreciating the need for positive and long-term improvements in cleaning protocols – not just as a routine, but as an essential proactive measure to focus on people safety.

Developed and managed by NTH Solutions LLP, the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service (DCAS) is a first-of-its-kind cleaning service to win a highly competitive tender of this magnitude.

Led by Tony Sullivan and the Wettons management, the team collaborated with the CCW (Catering Cleaning and Waste) and Venue team to manage staffing logistics and cleaning services across eight sites including, triathlons, lawn bowls, beach volleyball, festival sites, athlete village and accommodation, training grounds, road races, 3 X 3 basketball, and time trials.

Tony Sullivan, Environmental and Decontamination Services Manager, NTH Solutions said: “The response we received was incredibly positive, particularly towards the presence of our NHS decontamination experts on the site. It shows the reassurance that people feel with our presence. This new service success at the Commonwealth Games puts us in a strong position to enter a growing market with a proven track record and we have already received invitations to submit tenders on new projects.”

Deborah Sackett, Lead Project and Delivery Manager ,Catering Cleaning and Waste said: “From the off the NTH team were engaging and quickly became part of a wider team. They came to the table with a can-do attitude, and a willingness to solve challenges that were brought to the table from the off and through the games period.”

Justin Baker, Director, Wetton added: “Ensuring a clean and safe environment at an event of this scale can be very challenging due to the high number of footfalls. It has been extremely rewarding to join forces with NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service in ensuring a clean environment and positive experience for everyone involved in the event”

With this breakthrough, the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service (DCAS) is uniquely placed to deliver future cleaning contract for other multi-event venues and high-visibility venues to provide a safer and cleaner environment for the wider UK community.


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