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Recognising service at the WCEC’s Military Awards 2022

The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners (WCEC) hosted its annual Military Awards, on the 27th September. This year, the awards were held at the Vintners Hall, London. One hundred and fifty guests were in attendance, hosted by Gary Fage the WCEC Master, Jim Melvin the Senior Warden, Lorraine Larman the Junior Warden and Mike Jenkins, Clerk of the WCEC.

This year’s special guest was Group Captain Ellison, Commanding Officer of the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine. His speech focused on the importance of environmental health in operational military deployments.

The WCEC has a strong tradition of supporting the Military’s environmental health technicians and cadets, who consistently demonstrate high levels of skill, knowledge and dedication whatever challenges they face. The awards focus on the work of Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) from the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), the RAF Environmental Health Cadre, and the WCEC’s affiliated Cadet Units, for their work in the UK and abroad.

The following awards were made in 2022 :

· RAMC Post Graduate Medical Officer General Practice Award – Captain Marina Porter

· Army SNCO Environmental Health Technician Award – Sergeant Kennedy Muia

· Army JNCO Environmental Health Technician Award – Corporal Laura Campbell

· Royal Air Force Environmental Health Technician Award – Flight Sergeant Kate Shields

The Cadet Corp was also acknowledged for its outstanding achievements in training and discipline, with contributions from dedicated 17-year olds, who are already prepared and able to undertake exceptional leadership responsibilities:

· Best Sea Cadet – Able Cadet Georgina Chapman, who is the longest serving cadet at T.S Narvik, having been in sea cadets for over five years. She progressed diligently through the ranks and is now the most senior cadet at Bromley unit.

· Best Royal Marine Cadet – Marine Cadet Ashton Calvette has exceeded expectations at T.S Narvik Sea Cadets. His continued perseverance and commitment to the Royal Marines Cadet Detachment is outstanding.

· Best Army Cadet – Corporal Tyrone Simpson.

· Best Royal Air Force Cadet – Flight Sargeant Janis Malnacs, who started his cadet service with 34F (Balham and Tooting) Squadron in late 2017. Whilst there, he made an impact and was quickly promoted to Corporal and then Sergeant, acting as one of the flight commanders.

Gary Fage, Master of the WCEC, commented: “It is vital that the WCEC continues to cultivate a close and robust relationship with the cadet corps and environmental staff. We are always looking for the leaders of tomorrow, especially as the cleaning and hygiene sectors face growing challenges all over the world. Whether it’s those leaving the services or monitoring the potential of those just joining, there’s a wealth of outstanding experience that could help our industry grow into tomorrow.”


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